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"...STARot having any work in the first 8 months after moving to Beijing with my family was extremely hard for me. Not only had I lost my professional identity but also a sense of where I was going. I STARted losing my self-confidence and would only speak to women at ..."
"... share with the gentlemen. Obviously I was wrong. ‘It was actually after one of those evenings that I realised how bad I was feeling about myself. I then took the decision to STARt my own business and by then save myself from depression.’ Jasmine, French in China, ..."

"...STARn is 42 and has just moved to Spain with his family. He wants to STARt his own property development business, buying, restoring and renting out interesting old houses. He has experience in the building trade and can turn his hand to most aspects of this area. He does not ..."
"...STARy, there are many thousands of people out there who advertise themselves as coaches, but who have received no formal training of any kind. It is important that a coach understands how to achieve the best for the clients, the value of confidentiality and appropriate questioning and listening techniques. So, ..."
"...STAR worked with a coach who successfully helped me to make the transition from working for corporate companies to STARting my own business.  His talents and expertise were just what I needed to transform my skills. His coaching and programs helped me to gain confidence to go out to STARt ..."
"...STARite all the hoopla surrounding the Internet, and despite its undeniable usefulness as a research tool, most people still get their jobs through networking the old-fashioned way. Many people new to job hunting find networking confusing and intimidating and have little idea where to STARt or how to build a ..."
"...STARInternet, as we noted, has transformed the ways in which we conduct research. But for the novice the enormous volume of information available can be daunting, if not overwhelming. It’s difficult to know where to STARt and, once underway, how to collect relevant information most efficiently. Career consultants provide expertise ..."

"...STARa male accompanying partner who previously defined much of his personal sense of worth through his job, this lack of status can be demoralising. STARting from a position where he feels himself in some way to be less than the working men around him, he can then find it hard ..."
"... - The reality - One thing became clear from the STARt: it didn’t really matter what I had done before the move, it was what I did now that mattered to most people. The good job I’d left behind in Hong Kong counted for nothing; I was now a househusband and nothing else. The first year ..."
"...STARnew spouse, Michelyne Callan, also seemed keen on the idea of writing the handbook for expatriates and we agreed to work on it together. I bought a few books, notably How to Write A Book Proposal by Michael Larsen, The Writer’s Handbook (UK publication) and The Writers Market (US publication) ..."
"...STARtly after finishing the consultancy job for the British Council the proposal for Live and Work Abroad: A Guide for Modern Nomads was finally accepted. It was now three years since I’d STARted work on it. After sending the proposal off to more than twenty publishers around the world (and ..."
"... career - When Live and Work Abroad: A Guide for Modern Nomads came out, people STARted writing to me with offers of work. The best promotional tool I ever found was that book – and, like most advertising, its creation cost me more money than the publisher was paying for it. The Internet ..."
"... can offer a different point of view on many aspects of international living. The novel, Mule Train, is finished too – but I’m still trying to find a publisher for that. I’ve also STARted on the next novel too. I have in fact become a writer and consultant, and this won’t appeal to ..."
"...STARsight is a wonderful thing, but you don’t have the benefit of it when you’re just STARting out. Looking back over the past six years there are many things I could have done differently – but they are just details within the big picture and I’m glad that I had ..."
"...STARing for yourself is an obvious choice, but one that is not so easy to put into practice. What to do, where to find clients, how to manage the business, how to make sure you get paid? The practical aspects are challenge enough in your own country, but abroad they ..."
"... No matter what you decide to do, success rarely comes overnight. Developing your product, cultivating clients and making a sale usually take time and a lot of effort. It’s all very well being positive as you STARt out on your new adventure, but the optimism needs to be tempered with realism. ..."

Chapter 12: 60 brilliant ideas
"... You could even deliver the cake yourself, with a helium balloon and a personally delivered song or poem. 21. STARt a mobile sandwich service selling in local offices. 22. Offer to rewrite any poorly translated English for local companies. 23. Contact food manufacturers and see if ..."
"... child walking service. 26. Prepare cocktail nibbles for delivery to parties. 27. See if someone you know would like to STARt a takeaway or ironing service and offer to market these services on a commission basis. 28. Offer to water plants, feed cats or open and close curtains for people who ..."
"... Rent out baby equipment to visitors, or sell second hand baby equipment. 32. STARt a group for other mothers, organising playgroups, support, equipment hire and coffee mornings. Charge for a monthly newsletter. 33. Lead a conversation group, or a book group, in your home in a language you ..."
"... in your home in a language you speak well. 34. Join a recruitment agency and offer to do temporary work or holiday cover. 35. STARt your own recruitment agency. 36. Create a website covering what’s going on in your local community and charge local service companies to advertise. 37. ..."
"... how to cook the food from your home country, showing them where to buy the best ingredients locally. 46. STARt a newcomers support group and consider selling membership to local companies. 47. Run a curriculum vitae production service. 48. Become proficient in beauty therapy, colour or style ..."

"...has become the more anodyne ‘accompanying partner’. It is perhaps the men in our number who have created the most compelling term - that of STUDS which stands for Spouse Trailing Under Duress Successfully, while Apple Gidley, author of Expat Life – Slice by Slice, created the new acronym STARS at the 2011 Families in Global Transition Conference. This stands for Spouse Travelling and Relocating Successfully. I like that. ..."
"...STARn international work assignment imposes a career hiatus on one partner, that partner will experience an identity shift alongside the physical relocation. One of the main reasons for spousal unhappiness on international assignment is the difficulty he or she has in maintaining a professional identity or career. Without the ..."

Chapter 2: Find Your Passion
"...STARn, returning to work after taking time off to have children often find their confidence at a new low. But this is not reserved for mothers. It happens to lots of people after a career gap or during a career transition. Add to this living in a strange place, maybe ..."
"...STAR have only been here for two or three months. My role has changed… because my wife is here [as the lead employee]. I am now house husband and father… fundamental change... so much that it creates a spiritual crisis… the whole identity has changed from the real one and ..."
"...STARe core skills and values have led me to become a journalist, author, a teacher of creative writing, a teacher of French conversation, a copy writer, a publisher and co- author of a cookery book called Dates, a copy typist, a curriculum vitae producer, a computer teacher, a trainer of ..."
"...STAR we repatriated I (Jo) had to earn some money. Overnight I became responsible for paying two sets of school fees and for family holidays. The first project I worked on when we came home was the publication of the first edition of A Career in Your Suitcase. I formed ..."
"... Journalism was the work that paid the bills. Portable career presentations and publishing were the expression of my passion. At first my work funded my passion but over time the two merged until I was able to pick and choose my writing projects and my presenting STARted to earn me money. ..."
"...STAR when I (Jo) was 14 and my school careers adviser told me I couldn’t make it as a writer, as I mentioned earlier, I picked another path. You may have noticed that my passion for French doesn’t feature much in my most recent portfolio of careers. As a result, ..."
"...STAR997 we were living in Norway. I’d STARted to compile notes for the first edition of A Career in Your Suitcase. One of the mothers from my son’s preschool, Kit Prendergast, commented that my story was inspirational and I should do a short presentation to the business women’s network ..."
"... to explore this topic in more depth then we suggest you refer to Jo’s book, entitled Find Your Passion, available from Amazon. - Ways to get STARted - It is not surprising many people neglect the difficult task of self-scrutiny. After all, where do you begin? How do you get started? ..."
"... - Ways to get started - It is not surprising many people neglect the difficult task of self-scrutiny. After all, where do you begin? How do you get STARted? How do you know you’re on the right track? And how do you keep yourself accountable for the results? In order to create career ..."
"...STARise yourself you’ll follow through on this. Picture yourself enjoying the fruits of all the efforts you will put in. But also tell someone else what you’re doing. Make a commitment to someone else — a friend, counsellor or coach — whom you can trust to check up on your ..."
"...STARara also has certified leadership materials to STARt your own success team available here: Who knows, maybe this is the portable career opportunity you’ve been looking for? Her bulletin board here is also a place where people can list unique ways to support yourself. Perhaps your ideas will ..."
"... make your progress more real and encouraging. Read through it when you need some encouragement and confirmation that you are on your way. MAKE A START Take that first step. Start doing something right now, even if it is only for half an hour. Don’t set yourself up for failure. The longer ..."
"...STAR that first step. STARt doing something right now, even if it is only for half an hour. Don’t set yourself up for failure. The longer you put it off, the bigger it will become on a psychological level. Be realistic and do what will work for you. But STARt ..."
"... that in some way it will work for you. Once you begin, and you see patterns and insights emerging, you’ll find it hard to stop. CHECKLIST FOR GETTING STARTED Get a notebook Prepare my workspace Clarify my commitment in writing For example: I commit to the process of increasing my ..."
"... I will share what I learn with others. Signed: Build my team Team members to invite: Keep track of progress: I will use to monitor my progress. STARt date: - Put your passions on paper - The following range of exercises can help you discover and find words for your ..."
"...STARse one of the following exercises to get STARted. Skim through until you find one that clicks with where you’re at and STARt there. Continue working through a variety of the exercises until you have generated enough insights to communicate who you are, and what your passion is, in a ..."
"...STARdian Donna Messer STARted her career as a banker, which led to a variety of work roles until she went in search of a new career that embodied her skills and her passions. When she looked in the mirror she saw only education and experience. She had no idea what ..."
"...STARit’s your turn to ask others for feedback. If you formed a team as suggested under ‘getting STARted’ then this is a great task for you to do as a group. Go beyond your friends and include family, colleagues, clients (if applicable) and someone you’ve just met in your survey. ..."
"...STARrary to popular belief it is not always a fear of failure that stops us from doing something — it is just as likely to be a fear of success. When I (Jo) was a five-year-old, I had to change schools because my family moved house. I have a vivid ..."
"...STARe down as many things as you can think of that you’d like to do. Don’t limit yourself by only writing down the things you know to be possible right now, or only those that might earn you money. This is a form of bucket list; a list of all ..."
"...STAR you are ready to STARt, close your eyes and make yourself comfortable in a chair, feet firmly on the ground, breathing and body relaxed. Take the time to ensure you are relaxed, have let go of other thoughts and are ready to hear what is going to be said. ..."
"...STARer book about speedwriting, called Writing Down the Bones, Natalie Goldberg talks about the process at length. She says speedwriting allows your subconscious to emerge and is a great way to find out what you really think and want and believe. As a fan of this method I (Jo) ..."
"...STARt writing your own dream journal every morning as close to waking up as you can. Through journaling you’re likely to remember your dreams, which can be most revealing. It is interesting that once you STARt to anticipate writing down your dreams on waking, your dreams become more vivid and ..."
"...STARe are many ways to journal. Blogging, old-fashioned letter writing and even scrapbooking can be a form of journaling. If you are STARting to journal for the first time and would like a journal with prompts in it, consider the ‘Become’ journal available at for ..."
"... in your agenda to do this. When you are ready, go to the next chapter to develop an inventory of your skills. Following that you will have the chance to integrate your passion with your skills and STARt looking at ways to apply them in the work world. ‘Should one work to live or ..."

Chapter 3: What Can You Do?
"...STARourse, this skill is driving. When you first learned how to drive, you had to concentrate on each step individually. Now you can do them all almost without thinking. For those of you who don’t drive, take a look at someone behind the wheel taking driver’s training and you will ..."
"...STARI retrained as teaching English as a foreign language … I worked in the Shell school and the British Council and I got some interesting private clients and it was great fun… . I had just got it all nicely set up and low and behold we’re posted … back ..."
"...STAR skills transfer more easily than others from place to place. There are few dates in Norway and few snowy slopes in the Middle East. But people who want to learn the English language are nearly everywhere. So teachers of English as a foreign language can usually find work wherever ..."
"...STARnly this time I did something different. I was tired of leaving behind work I loved and did not want my Rolodex to grow cold. I wanted to build a business that I could do for the next 20 years. Therefore, I STARted laying the groundwork in advance, and launched ..."
"...STARhing is a more transferable skill than most people realise. If you can teach one thing, the chances are you can teach another. I (Jo) taught computers in England, French conversation in Dubai, creative writing in Oman and how to create a portable career in Norway. Related to teaching are ..."
"...STARanies like Tupperware, Avon, Forever Living and Usborne Books all operate in this way. You become a distributor, buy a STARt up pack at a favourable price, may receive some training and then you work at selling the product. Many network marketers sell directly to the public by hosting ..."
"...STARloping a mission statement can help you focus your passion in a desired direction. It will help you to communicate to yourself and others what it is you hope to achieve, who you want to serve and what you hope to contribute that’s unique, by focusing your passion and ..."

"...STAR developing a portable career, many of the options will involve differing levels of self-employment. Before you make a choice about what to do and how to do it, it’s a good idea to ask yourself what you need from your work and what will provide a framework for your ..."
"... DO YOU WANT TO LIVE? Do you want the neat packaging of a prescribed job description, or do you want the choices to be yours alone? This can be a double-edged sword. As a freelancer or entrepreneur, you’re not bound by company-determined STARting times and schedules. On the other hand, ..."
"... of values. There are also some things you may express as ‘needs’ in your work. Tick the needs below that are important enough to form the basis of your decision to accept a job offer or STARt a business. Frequent interaction with others Opportunity for personal growth High financial ..."
"...STARg your notebook, produce a mind map for each of your passions and see what ideas flow out of these exercises. Once you’ve created several mind maps to learn this skill, STARt a new one with the words ‘my career’ in the centre and, using your best ideas, see what ..."
"... always asks this question: ‘It’s all very well, this idea of finding a career based on your passion. I need to work and earn money and what I do right now is not based on my passion, so how can I STARt this great new career and put bread on the table?’ We understand this issue ..."
"...STARdisadvantage of working virtually and from home, however, is that you may find yourself STARved of human contact. If you are anan introvert and happy with your own company (not me!) then this may be perfect for you. But for me, needing to be with people on a daily basis ..."
"...STARe are thousands of websites where you can do career and work related research, so at the outset it is valuable to know what information you are seeking. All the effort you have put into the previous chapters should have given you some ideas to STARt this research with. This ..."
"... worksheet in Your Career Passport. - Living Your Mission - Setting goals Anthony Robbins, author of Unlimited Power, says, ‘The greatest achievers in the world all STARted by setting a goal.’ Gail MacIndoe says goals are what motivate us and give direction to our life. The ..."
"... YOUR MISSION It’s not enough to know that you have goals; they need to be written down and clearly thought out. Stephen Covey also recommends identifying your mission statement as a STARting point for setting your goals. You will have STARted this in Chapter 2 — Find Your Passion ..."
"...STARFind Your Passion and in this section we give more detail as a foundation for writing your goals. Covey was perhaps best known for his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, in which he suggested we ‘begin with the end in mind’. He recommended developing a personal ..."
"... making more effective use of your time and energies. Continue to refine the mission statement you STARted in Chapter 3 —What Can You Do, and incorporate the influencing information you have uncovered through these last exercises. Think of your mission statement as a North Star to guide ..."
"... you have uncovered through these last exercises. Think of your mission statement as a North STAR to guide you and help you focus your energy and activities. Write the current working version of your mission statement here: ‘It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the big picture. The ..."
"...STARt’s easy to get overwhelmed by the big picture. The way that works best for me is breaking a large goal down to smaller more manageable chunks. Like if you need to lose 10lb and you say instead that you’ll lose 1lb a week for ten weeks – it’s much ..."
"...STAR really struggled giving up my work, identity and financial independence in Shanghai to move to Russia with my boyfriend. I suddenly became a ‘nobody’ in a very small expat community and a very un-dynamic city, which was a very big blow to my self-esteem and my motivation. I decided ..."
"... If your mission statement is the North STAR guiding your journey, then the goals are the points on the STAR that define it and give it more shape. Goals serve your purpose and passion and express them in concrete actions. They lead towards your vision and mission in one way or another. ..."
"...STARan help to list the steps from the last to the first that you can STARt today. Think of the song that goes, ‘one thing... leads to another’ and use this graphic. STARt at the top with your ‘North STAR’ and mission and work downwards. Or STARt at the bottom ..."
"... on your north star for guidance. For example: North STAR: I will provide relocation services to newcomers by pointing them to appropriate local resources and providing them with a warm personal (and virtual) connection upon arrival. Objectives: 1. Three international companies will ..."
"...STAR will it feel like? Describe the emotions you expect to feel. What will you hear? Will you hear people congratulating you and if so what will they be saying? What will your success look like? What will be happening when you achieve your goals, where will you be, who ..."

Chapter 5: Networking
"...STAR you’re trying to create work opportunities as well as a social life, nothing can kick STARt your career better than networking. In a new location, you can STARt networking straight away, if not before you arrive, by making contact with people to whom you have been referred by ..."
"...STAR the years we have come across countless examples of people who found work through the hidden job market. One of my (Jo’s) friends, newly arrived in Dubai, found herself a job as a secretary for an airline company by chatting to someone at a drinks party. I STARted working ..."
"...STARion the word ‘networking’ and many people raise their eyes to the ceiling as they conjure up pictures of brash, aggressive types, thrusting business cards into the palms of complete strangers. It should not be like that, particularly if it’s to produce the desired outcome. We could just as easily ..."
"...STAR you give someone something they need, even if it is just the number of a plumber, as seen in the example earlier, you are giving them a present. The recipient of the phone number feels pleased with the outcome. The person who gave the gift feels of value too ..."
"... mentality at work. Where to network? Of course we don’t need to join a professional organisation in order to STARt networking. It’s just as easy to make contacts in the school playground or supermarket queue. But sometimes we need a little help. For those like me who want to work ..."
"...STARthose like me who want to work while they are abroad, the best kind of networking STARts with getting to know people of all kinds in all places. In time those people can become friends. If you’re as passionate about your business as you are about making friends, then those ..."
"...STAR I returned to England in 1997 I had a tough time repatriating my career, but it was harder still to repatriate my identity. After nine months of feeling I did not belong, I decided to STARt a women’s professional network of my own. Four years later, I was still ..."
"...STARlarly, I (Colleen) joined the Dutch Association for Career Professionals (NOLOC) as one of my first steps towards developing the local network I need to create and sustain my career here. Often referred to as ‘The old school tie network’ or the ‘old boys network’, professional associations are a frequent ..."
"...STARtaining and expanding your network is also possible through blogging and newsletters to which people can subscribe or follow. Find a number of good ones to follow and you will receive a constant stream of information and insights, See Chapter 7 — STARting for Yourself for more information on developing ..."
"...STARral years ago, when I (Jo) was living in Norway, I subscribed to Writers News magazine. One day I spotted a small feature about a lady called Bobby Meyer, who had STARted an enterprising new publication called Dual Career Network. I was so inspired by her initiative I got in ..."
"...STARs only by establishing a global network that you can have a global presence and a reputation all over the world. Then, when you are next on the move the chances are you will know someone when you arrive. Seth Godin’s Tribes is about our ability to create and lead ..."
"...STARany of the problems men encounter are not dissimilar to those experienced by women,’ says expatriate Australian Leonie Elphinstone, who conducted a survey into the male accompanying partner. ‘What makes the difference is that men are brought up to be the breadwinners and when things go wrong they find they ..."
"...STARlid foundation for a relationship is usually created if you STARt off with being connected by a mutual friend. In this way, your initial conversation is not a cold call. Instead it begins in a much warmer place. If you can, be introduced to someone at a party or network ..."
"...STARolleen) am not a natural networker. Networking is a skill I have learned and have come to really enjoy. I find that when networking is more about someone other than me I can do it very well. So I take the focus off of myself and enjoy learning about other ..."
"...STARentioned the abundance mentality a little earlier. Let’s go into it in more detail now. The law is, ‘share abundantly there will be lots for everyone’. It can be difficult to keep the faith with this, when you STARt to count up that you have given out 25 contacts to ..."
"...STARo) remember once that I became disillusioned with practising abundance and decided to stop being so nice. I stopped connecting people and I stopped answering people’s questions and being nice to them for free. Not only did I soon STARt to dislike myself, but I also noticed I was no ..."
"...STARo Linguistic Programming (NLP) studied skilled communicators and influencers to understand how to build rapport. They found people in rapport will often unconsciously ‘match’ or ‘mirror’ each other; they adopt similar body gestures, posture, and rhythm in speech and movement. NLP ..."
"...STARrder to build initial rapport NLP recommends STARting with assuming the other person’s physical posture, voice tone and words. Adopt their posture, gestures, facial expressions, blinking patterns and breathing. When in rapport, this happens naturally a number of seconds after the other does it. If you do it too soon, ..."
"... When you have achieved rapport you should feel warm inside and both your faces will heighten in colour. Sometimes you’ll find yourself suggesting you have met before or have a third party in common. If you shift your position, the other person will unconsciously STARt to mirror you. The ..."
"...STAR of the conference delegates will have arrived alone. Whilst talking to total strangers can be daunting, striking up a conversation with the speaker you have just heard is much easier. Similarly, speakers find it as easy to STARt chatting to someone they have seen in their session as to ..."
"... all the people I’ve met along the way and asking them to tap into their own networks, we accessed hundreds of thousands worldwide. JOIN OR START A GROUP You may not have a ‘Presenters’ group near you to kick start your own speaking career, but you can always start one. Go on a ..."
"...STARmay not have a ‘Presenters’ group near you to kick STARt your own speaking career, but you can always STARt one. Go on a short course, buy a book or practise on your own in front of your video camera or webcam. The Toastmasters organisation offers training in a ..."
"...STARre I (Jo) learned how profitable existing networks could be, I had inadvertently been creating my own wherever I had been living. Writing was my passion and I needed to be around other creative people in order to feel fulfilled. When I arrived in Dubai I decided to set up ..."
"... every meeting. Here in the Netherlands I focused first on joining the board of Connecting Women. Not long after, I realised that the companionship of my writers’ circle was essential for me overseas. I immediately STARted one and now rarely miss a meeting. CREATING A NETWORKING ..."
"...STARreate a local networking group, STARt off by determining the group’s focus and target market. When I (Jo) formed Women Connecting Women I decided I wanted to create a place where women would feel supported, make friends, learn, develop their careers and their sense of self, and would be affordable. ..."
"...STARcided to hire a room in a local arts centre and placed a few small announcements in the local press and on the radio, stating that a new group was STARting and people were invited to attend the inaugural meeting. I organised a photographer from the local paper and ..."
"...STARcan also use this meeting to ask about opportunities in general, not necessarily with that specific company, and to see if you can obtain the names of some more people you could contact who may also have additional further information. You should always dress for such a meeting as if ..."

"...STARe looking to get STARted in a new field of work or wanting short term work can consider subscribing to sites offering contract opportunities such as www.ceweekly. com,, and Search online for the websites specific to your field. For example, if you are a journalist, you can ..."
"...STARaps a volunteer opportunity fits best at this time. In addition to contacting local charities or learning if your local community has a voluntary work information centre, you can find out about voluntary positions at which is an information portal for environmental and humanitarian voluntary projects. The website also has information about voluntary ..."
"...STARntial employers can also find you here, based on the skills in your profile. Make sure to click that you are open to being approached for opportunities at the bottom of your profile. Recruiters troll LinkedIn profiles to find passive candidates who are open to opportunity but not actively ..."
"...STARow do you go about establishing yourself as a brand? The first step is to identify what type of person you are and how you want to be perceived. Mary Spillane, in her book Branding Yourself, suggests Brand You is a combination of three factors — your assets, your values ..."
"...STARet analysis — unless you know what the market needs/wants and what the competition is doing, you are shooting in the dark. STARt out by looking at the political situation, the economic climate, finding out what advances or changes there are in technology and any social trends. This may give ..."
" can provide you with a professional looking theme and functional blogging platform for free which you can manage yourself and present in a way that looks like a website. Visit for step by step information on building a website using WordPress. To STARt a website, you will need ..."
"... towards the future with the project/program/service in place There is a free online tutorial on writing proposals available at under the ‘get STARted’ tab. Look under online guides and tutorials. The professional portfolio A portfolio can act as an archive ..."
"...STARre STARting to organise the items in your box, first identify the purpose and focus for your portfolio including the specific skills you need to substantiate and illustrate. Kimeldorf suggests you STARt by collecting samples and artefacts into a box. If possible categorise them as you go, including detailed information ..."
"...STARng a portfolio is a project the whole family can do, so get your kids involved in STARting their own portfolios too. In addition to school activities, projects and accomplishments, include pictures of sports tournaments, vacation experiences and hobbies and make sure to write the story that goes with ..."
"...STAR called ‘work experience’ or ‘related experience’. You may want to consider grouping similar positions together in one section. Do not try to mask gaps of unemployment. It’s no longer considered a black mark against you to have been out of the workforce, even for a lengthy ..."

"... I particularly like. I would also find myself doing housework in between working.’ Lizzy, British in America, - STARting Your Own Thing - Working for yourself is an excellent way to live out your portable career. If you know you’re likely to be on the move again ..."
"...STARing for yourself is an excellent way to live out your portable career. If you know you’re likely to be on the move again fairly shortly, and that no business you choose is worth the investment it would take to make it a big success in one location, then maybe ..."
"...STARe it seems a bit of an oxymoron when STARting your own thing, you will definitely want to find ways to collaborate. The owner of a small business, especially a home- based one or a consulting practice, can feel very isolated. There are no more coffee breaks or lunches in ..."
"...STARness owners and consultants also often work in isolation and complain about a lack of feedback. If you have created an informal support team, success team or as we call it Blue Sky Team you will always have a source of ideas, advice and feedback. If you move frequently, as ..."
"...STARou don’t want to tackle the paperwork that goes with forming your own company, seek out an established organisation to which you can make a contribution, and determine its willingness to provide you with a work permit or visa. Sometimes you may have to pay them for this service, ..."
"...STARother advantage of having a team is you can spur each other on, you can have someone to share ideas with and you will not need to work alone. When Sue Valentine and I (Jo) decided to write the cookery book, Dates, I focused on writing, editing, desktop publishing and ..."
"...STAR met Irene at a professional conference in Paris. We liked each other instantly. Irene came to one of my cooking classes; I enjoyed one of her walks with Shopping Plus. We found that we both had something to offer each other. We also both had the same type of ..."
"...STAR is perhaps the most adventurous of the options. STARting from your own idea (or a variation on others’ ideas), you plan and execute your own entrepreneurial venture. In essence, you do everything yourself — generating the business idea, researching the marketplace, checking the competition, determining the form of ..."
"...STAR is often a good option for entrepreneurs who don’t want to go through the hassles and procedures involved in STARting a business from scratch. With this option, however, it’s important to research and identify exactly what you’re buying. You must carefully assess the financial health of the ..."
"...STARng a franchise seems to have many advantages. After all, who wouldn’t want to buy into an operation that has instant name recognition, protected territories, time-tested operational procedures and marketing methods and guaranteed profits, all at a reasonable price? The problem, of course, is finding a franchise like ..."
"... and optimistic) - Your To Do List - Okay. You think you have what it takes and you have decided to go ahead and further investigate the idea of working for yourself. These are the tools you will need to get you STARted on the right foot. The business plan One way to determine ..."
"... backers and customers?’ ‘But,’ you might protest, ‘I just want to STARt a small home based business with no employees and almost no investment. I don’t have to prove my credit worthiness to any backers. Why do I need a formal business plan?’ Most people who have started a ..."
"... plan?’ Most people who have STARted a business, however small and informal, stated later that they wished they had created a formal business plan. With a business plan you answer some very important questions to ensure it STARts off on the right foot with no oversights: • What is ..."
"...STARcould use the Internet for your research of course, but, if you are STARting a small business or have a fairly new idea you may find very little on the Internet. While this is changing rapidly, not everyone has a website or much of a presence online. Just because you ..."
"...STARe had been running an After-School Tuition Centre in the UK for some years and due to a deep personal interest in living in Egypt decided to look at STARting a similar project there, primarily aimed at expat families struggling with transitioning to a foreign country with their ..."
"...STARou’re charging a fee for your services then you need to think about your daily, hourly and project rates or retainer fee. Even with a service it is possible to offer packages, add-ons or buy-one-get-one free deals. When I (Jo) sign up a new publishing client I offer them what ..."
"...STARneed to establish in your head a minimum and a maximum daily rate. You’ll propose a daily rate based on the marketplace in your new area, the size and budget of the client, visibility of the project and other factors. Of course, you may accept a beginning project at slightly ..."
"...STARy business needs customers and every business needs a marketing plan. It can be simple or complex, largely written or largely intuitive — but you do need one to succeed, even if it’s all in your head. Bill Gates didn’t STARt out with an elaborate marketing plan, but he probably ..."
"... Blogspot. When Live and Work Abroad: A Guide for Modern Nomads came out, people STARted writing to me with offers of work. The best promotional tool I ever found was that book – and, like most advertising, its creation cost me more money than the publisher was paying for it.’ Huw ..."
"...STARy, one of the first things you should do when you are setting up your business is to STARt a website. After all, what do you do when you want to find out who, say, teaches German in your city, or where you can buy size 9 shoes? You look ..."
"... Because this is a general introduction to STARting your own business, and not a detailed ‘how-to’ manual, we’d like to call attention to some other issues that should not be ignored by any prospective self-employed person but which can’t be treated in detail here. LEGAL ..."
"...STARaps you’re a sole proprietor who wants to keep it simple. You may have no plans whatsoever to have any employees, let alone a huge operation. That’s exactly how Ben and Jerry STARted out. You still need to know about employee issues in case your business takes off in a ..."
"...STARwill want to enlist the services of an accountant who has experience with the tax needs of a small business and one who can cope with the fact you are not local and may have foreign business in other currencies. And you’ll also want to meet with him or her ..."
"...STAR say you have more chance of meeting your goals if you write them down so I (Jo) use a number of other lists too. First I write my tasks for the coming year or more onto the Long Term Master Plan sheet, then I transfer a few of each ..."
"...STAR a home-based business, you have the perfect opportunity to set up the exact environment with the right business tools at your disposal. With today’s technology, a highly technical home office operation can be set up at relatively low cost. These things are all possible, but they don’t fall into ..."
"... will make you feel professional and will help you switch roles easily. You can STARt thinking about what you want in your home office before you even arrive at a new location. What follows are a few helpful hints. Home office checklist: Identify the space requirements for your home ..."
"...STARuse your family is in such close proximity to your business, you will have to manage them as well. You need to let them know when you are at work and when you are free to attend to family matters. Not to do so can interrupt your concentration on your ..."
"...STAR also work now exclusively from home. My two kids go to school so the house is very quiet. Now the problem is the opposite: it is too quiet and I sometimes feel rather isolated. I managed to sort this problem by working a bit at the nearby STARbucks. Working ..."
"...STARe run our business from home and from an office located a few miles away, but we need to be in constant communication with several other countries as well so having Internet connections is vital. We are in the process of STARting an Internet-based business as well, and the ..."

Chapter 8: For the Journey
"...STARe are two kinds of change: voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary change is something you have actively chosen, such as accepting a promotion, STARting your own business or relocating to another country. Involuntary change is caused by events beyond your control. Being laid off or experiencing the death of a loved ..."
"...STARges observes that most people react to change by making an inner transition of three distinct stages — Endings, a Neutral Zone and New Beginnings. In other words, a transition STARts with an ending and ends with a new beginning. People achieve successful transitions when they adjust to change through ..."
"...STARot having any work in the first eight months after moving to Beijing with my family was extremely hard for me. Not only had I lost my professional identity but also a sense of where I was going. I STARted losing my self-confidence and would only speak to women ..."
"... with the gentlemen. Obviously I was wrong.’ ‘It was actually after one of those evenings that I realised how bad I was feeling about myself. I then took the decision to STARt my own business and by then save myself from depression.’ Jasmine, French in China, ..."
"...STARting a portable career, work search, STARting to run your own business and adapting to changes all take hard work. Of course you will have down times, and times when you feel like giving up and retreating from the world. Self-motivation is one of the key attributes required by anyone ..."
"... human after all, and I had tried my best to ensure the book would be error free. This ability to pick yourself up and STARt again is the stuff of resilience. It is what some people call ‘bouncebackability’. I have accepted that it is okay to get things wrong and that I am humble enough ..."
"...STARiving in different cultures as a child and as an adult was an unbelievably enriching experience and has brought me opportunities I could never have imagined. Perhaps the most important of all an open mind and a conviction that there is always someone around who can help, if you ..."
"...STARwomen, the issue of work-life balance rears its head daily, as we race from packing lunchboxes, to school runs, cram in some work, scrabble together supper, then STARt ferrying children to Brownies, swimming lessons or karate. Action is everything. And it is not until the house is silent that we ..."
"...STAR if women abroad are not working, balance is no more achievable. And, in many ways, the rollercoaster life of the ‘multimover’ is even tougher. In order to stay sane, we need to maintain social contact, and fill our time with work, volunteering or learning. Add to the usual ..."
"...STAR MacIndoe says the first step to addressing stress is to determine what triggers it for you. STARt to notice where the ongoing stress is — is it at the office or at home, with particular people, before certain events, doing a particular task, or when something specific is said ..."
"...STARddition to the above methods, we have found that having an interest or hobby separate from work does wonders for taking the mind off your problems. There is a reason the word recreation stems from re-create! Making the time to pursue hobbies and interests will refresh and replenish. STARt something ..."
"...STAR worked with a coach who successfully helped me to make the transition from working for corporate companies to STARting my own business. His talents and expertise were just what I needed to transform my skills. His coaching and programs helped me to gain confidence to go out to STARt ..."
"... or using Skype or telephone? k. Length of commitment or program How many sessions do they expect you will need? How many sessions must you commit to in order to STARt? l. The fit Consider closely what your needs are and whether you believe this person can meet them. Can you work ..."

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