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"... basis/freelance for organisations such as WWF, although it is only paid on a local volunteer ‘pocket-money’ basis.’ Environmentalist, 2005 trailing spouse Survey Simply put, it’s important to research the prospects in the area you will be moving to. A career consultant can be very ..."

"...published more than ten computer handbooks. Then I got married and my husband was posted to Dubai. Telling me I would regret it for the rest of my life if I refused to join him, my new husband persuaded me to become what is sometimes rather unflatteringly called a ‘trailing spouse’. In this politically correct world the term has become the more anodyne ‘accompanying partner’. It is perhaps the men in our number who have created the most compelling term - that of STUDS which stands for Spouse Trailing Under Duress Successfully, while Apple Gidley, author of Expat Life – ..."
"... job wise.’ ‘By not being able to continue with my career I am made to feel like a second- class citizen… It is a lonely life, and we, the trailing spouse, are left to re-invent ourselves after every relocation. It’s exhausting and unrewarding. I regret my life.’ ‘My ..."

"...Many expatriate wives lose their identity and self-confidence when they go round the world. Many [women] lose the same when they have children. But for the trailing spouse they often have both of these to contend with. I have never suffered from this because I have always known that I could do something for myself, however small. ..."

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what is a trailing spouse

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"Research has shown why it’s so important to maintain a professional identity when moving around the world. Jo Parfitt has..."

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