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"... relocations tend to share a number of common traits: They’re intentional about setting goals and organising their actions around these goals. They are clear with themselves and with others about their important values. They neither deny nor wallow in their emotions, but accept ..."

"...A portable career is work that you can take with you wherever you go. It is based on your own unique set of skills, values, passion and vision and is not based in a physical location. Lower costs of travel and technological advances have made the global labour market a more accessible option for more workers and businesses than in the past. Megan Fitzgerald, expat career and entrepreneur coach defines a portable career as ..."
" possible for anyone. First we must look inside ourselves to find our passions, then we must look outside ourselves to find the opportunities in the locality, and finally we must find a way to blend this together so we can tailor-make a career that fits our values, aspirations and lifestyle. ..."
"... that helped to create this result. The steps to my successful transition were: 1. I took the time to reflect and re-evaluate what my values, interests and passions are at this stage of my life. 2. I was open to new learning and updating skills. In this case it was my language ..."

Chapter 2: Find Your Passion
"... at the local market, to see where the gaps lay, or where I might find the most luck. If I (Jo) look inside myself, I see the following key skills and values, all of which have grown out of my passions: • Creativity • Writing • Teaching • Helping people to grow • ..."
"...These core skills and values have led me to become a journalist, author, a teacher of creative writing, a teacher of French conversation, a copy writer, a publisher and co- author of a cookery book called Dates, a copy typist, a curriculum vitae producer, a computer teacher, a trainer of trainers, a computer training ..."
"...When I look inside myself, I can also see the values that motivate me and make my professional life work for me. Some people value money, others value fame, free time, flexible hours or variety. values change over time and it’s worth taking a look at yours regularly. If you want to be true to yourself, you need to consider ..."
"...2000, three years after we came home, I was offered the chance to edit a new magazine called Woman Abroad, I jumped at the chance. Without a doubt, this position was the culmination of my career experiences to date and it allowed me to exercise all my skills and values at once. I was flying. Sadly, after the tragedy of 9/11, the magazine was forced to fold as living abroad lost its allure for a while. In 2002 I had to go back to the drawing board and this time I emerged as what I first called a Book ..."
"...we love then our enthusiasm and energy will do our marketing for us. If you take a look back over my (Jo’s) long list of specialisations you may be able to spot the themes or patterns that have run through everything I do. I first wrote the list of values that appeared a few pages back 13 years ago. When I revisit them, it is clear little has changed. The ‘red threads’, the common denominators, that have sustained me despite those ups and downs and five moves, remain: ..."
"...Like many, my values are my passions. I need to incorporate them into my daily life in order to be happy. They are, to me, as vital as fresh air, food and water. It is easy for me now to seem complacent, and to point out exactly where my passions lie. But it ..."
"...As John Clark says in his book The Money or Your Life, you can get to the top of your chosen career ladder and suddenly realise ‘you have the ladder against the wrong wall’. This is why it’s so important, when you are trying to assess your interests, values and skills, you take account of the things you do at work and in your leisure time. Think about the activities that fill you with energy, even if they are not earning you money right now. ..."
"...of our mission in life and he supplies us with many inventive exercises to help us identify the nature of this mission. Passion ignites the fuel of your skills and can keep you going when the going gets rough. It is an internal drive that finds expression through your values and skills. Poet David Whyte speaks of it as being ‘wholehearted’ about something (http:// Away_1/2). ..."
"...In order to create career ideas and assess our options we need a framework of self- knowledge. This framework will contain the skills and competencies most associate with finding work, but it is important to go deeper and assess your values, interests and drivers in order to find a truly satisfying career for you. ..."
"...Your passion often stems from your values, interests and what is important to you. Knowing what’s important to you can help you apply your skills in the work world in a personally meaningful way. You can be an accountant in a company that does work which is of no interest to you, or you can manage ..."
"... from a values perspective while using your accounting skills. The following exercise is adapted from Richard Knowdell’s values card sort that I (Colleen) have used with many groups and individual clients. Write the following 64 values on Post-It® notes or little pieces of paper. On three ..."
"...64 values on Post-It® notes or little pieces of paper. On three other Post-It® notes write the headings: always matter, sometimes matter, don’t matter. Sort through and organise the values into three columns under those headings. After making an initial sort, go through again until you only have eight in your ..."
"... / product Time freedom Tradition Work alone Work with others Worklife balance Work under pressure Adapted from the Knowdell Career values Card Sort 360° OF INSIGHT Canadian Donna Messer started her career as a banker, which led to a variety of work ..."
"...Think about your parents and your grandparents. Taking each of them in turn, write down what you think their passions may have been. Now write down what you think their values may have been, and their strengths. Which of their passions, skills and characteristics do you think they passed on to you? I (Colleen) think of my grandma’s values every time I roll out dough and try to use the minimum amount of flour necessary. Remember your own stories connected ..."
"...a car sponsorship deal. It was a vision he could not only see but also taste, hear and feel. It made a huge difference for his performance that year as he won two gold medals. This technique can also be used by people who have a different set of values, talents and vision from an Olympian. Use this process to maximize and focus your potential, to achieve what you most want to achieve in your life and to fuel your endeavours. ..."
"... choose them. Write about what you do in your leisure time: What magazines do you read? What television program do you watch regularly? What is the storyline of your favourite book or movie and what does that tell you about what’s important to you, your values and drivers? When you’ve ..."
"... notes. Gail MacIndoe ( is a behavioural and values analyst and uses a number of time-tested and cross cultural validated assessment tools to help her clients gain an insight into their behaviour, attitudes and values. She believes such tools may provide: • an ..."
"... sense. Thinking – Feeling The third function defines how a person makes decisions. Thinking means that a person prefers to make decisions based on logical analysis. Feeling means that, as a rule, he prefers to make decisions based on personal values. Then Isobel Myers-Briggs added a ..."
"... productivity. One free version of this assessment is available at PERSONAL INTEREST, ATTITUDES & values ASSESSMENT (PIAV) The Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values assessment (PIAV) is based on Eduard Spranger’s book, Types of Men, ..."
"...The Personal Interests, Attitudes and values assessment (PIAV) is based on Eduard Spranger’s book, Types of Men, and measures the relative prominence of six basic attitudes, interests or motives in personality. This assessment is widely used to provide insights into the motivation of a given individual. Attitudes and values help to initiate one’s actions and are sometimes called the hidden motivators because they are not always readily observed. The PIAV report identifies these motivating factors and attitudes. ..."

Chapter 3: What Can You Do?
"... home. The elements which qualify a career as portable are as follows: • It is based on your passions, the things you love • It expresses your values • It uses your top favourite skills and talents • It can operate in more than one location • It is flexible enough to be ..."
"...Helen shows us how to find out what our core values are by examining our achievements, both personal and professional, and working out which of our values motivated us to be successful at that time. values such as ‘transforming’, ‘sharing’, ‘learning’, ‘dreaming’ or ‘communicating’ may come to mind. ..."
"... When you have written down your successes and the values that inspired them, you might notice some values are not as important to you as they used to be - and you have acquired others which don’t appear on your early lists. Double-check these with the values you selected earlier in Section Two. ..."
"...I (Jo) last participated in Helen’s workshop in January 2002, just before I embarked on the project of rewriting the second edition of this book. My core values that day were ‘enthusiasm’, ‘creation’ and ‘sharing’. The mission statement I produced became ‘to use my enthusiasm to create things that I may share with people who want to do what they love for a living’. Now it’s your turn. Since then I have honed my mission to ‘sharing ..."
"...a mission statement can help you focus your passion in a desired direction. It will help you to communicate to yourself and others what it is you hope to achieve, who you want to serve and what you hope to contribute that’s unique, by focusing your passion and values in a particular direction. It is something you can continue to tweak and refine as time passes; it is not meant to be written in stone. It is important to revise it until you are at a point where it satisfies you. However, if you keep changing it ..."
"... revise your mission stastatement again in Chapter 4 — Create Your Career. Reread your Shining Moments Stories in Chapter 2 — Find Your Passion. What are the values you expressed during those key experiences? Reread your top eight values listed in Chapter 3 — What Can You Do? Compare ..."
"... Your Passion. What are the values you expressed during those key experiences? Reread your top eight values listed in Chapter 3 — What Can You Do? Compare them with the values in your Shining Moments Stories here: Select three of these values, phrase them as verbs and put them into a ..."
"... values in your Shining Moments Stories here: Select three of these values, phrase them as verbs and put them into a sentence together. You will probably need to make a number of edits before you whittle it down to the nugget it is for you. For example: Values: authenticity, growth and ..."

"... a good match for your next experience. Where are you willing to be flexible to open yourself up to new experiences? Cultural values: Check those that apply to you. Punctuality Direct communication Equality of gender (specify: ) Efficiency Family honor Good name Hierarchy ..."
"... contact Handshaking Public order Language – being able to communicate and be understood Style of dress Cultural values common to my potential and preferred destination(s): What types of cultural frustration can you expect to experience based on the above, and how can you prepare ..."
"...effectively with them? For example, if men in the culture where you are living will not shake hands with you, what will you do? Will you choose to feel unacknowledged and undervalued, or will you collaborate with them to find a way to acknowledge them that still respects their values along with yours? ..."
"... be such a good fit for you. Think of the list below as your ‘job filters’. Once you have compiled a list of the things you cannot live without, run any potential job ideas you have generated so far through your list and check they also match your values. When developing a portable ..."
"...want time for yourself and your hobbies? Do you want to work from nine to five, five days a week? Do you want a busy office or do you prefer to work alone? Do you want a management position, to work in a team? Which job would match your values and passions? Do you crave variety or routine? ..."
"... four weeks to the necessary travel? WHAT DO YOU NEED FROM YOUR CAREER? In Chapter 2 — Find Your Passion you created a list of values. There are also some things you may express as ‘needs’ in your work. Tick the needs below that are important enough to form the basis of your ..."
"... that requires solitary concentration Mental challenge and stimulation Always something new and different Job security Opportunity to influence the ideas and values of others Low level of stress A stable work schedule No spillover of work into personal and family life Freedom (from ..."
"...with the help of a dictionary if you don’t speak the language, to see what people are doing, what the local issues are, what advertisements are posted and what people are asking for in the ‘wanted’ sections will give you insights as to how to apply your values and apply your skills. Learning the names of local companies who are advertising or written about, and further researching these companies on the Internet and LinkedIn, can help spark more ideas. Not only will this give you an idea of where you can look for work or contracts, but ..."
"...I (Colleen) found the first step in my effort to work in my field in a new language, by reading the local paper. I read an article about a new charity whose purpose connected with my values and passions. There were looking for volunteers and, after meeting with me decided to design the perfect volunteer role for my skills, instead of filling one of their standing vacancies. This gave me the opportunity to network on a new level and that led a few steps later to ..."
" valuable advice about how to pursue your interests. I (Colleen) took on a volunteer role as my first step towards working in the Netherlands. I approached a service organisation dedicated to helping people in the areas of societal and community participation, integration and emancipation. This connected with my values and was something I was happy to give my time and energy to. It will add to your people skills, skills for working with teams, organising, administration and other areas. There is no reason why something that begins as a voluntary project can’t eventually grow into or lead to ..."
"... - Researching Options - It is important to also look at the different occupations that exist in order to spur yourself to uncover new ways of using your skills. Perhaps you will find a role tailor- made for your skill set, passion, values and current reality! Researching ..."
"... realistic and achievable. Remember goals are not written in stone and you can adapt them as life evolves. However, with a written goal you have a benchmark to rate progress against and somewhere to check in to see if you are on track with living out your values. STATE YOUR ..."
"...Covey was perhaps best known for his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, in which he suggested we ‘begin with the end in mind’. He recommended developing a personal mission statement as it focuses you on what you want to be and do, based on your values. He compared the process to the construction of a house: no one would start building without first having a design and construction plans. Use the carpenter’s rule: ‘measure twice and cut once’. Begin with the end in mind — clearly define what you want beforehand. ..."
"...As you are discovering, a mission statement isn’t something you write overnight. It takes careful analysis and deep introspection, and could take several weeks or months to get it to be a complete concise expression of your innermost values and directions. You may need to review it regularly and make changes as required, depending on your experiences and circumstances. ..."
"...Once you have that vision and have established your values, you have the basis upon which to set long and short-term goals. Having a vision/mission allows you to judge every major decision you make and prioritise your activities according to what is important - hence making more effective use of your time and energies. ..."
"... you find out what to charge/what salary to ask? What are some goals that will allow you to express more of your values and passion in your everyday life, leading you in the direction of your portable career and fulfilling your mission? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. MAKE A ..."

Chapter 5: Networking
"...can engage in projects with fellow members of the association. I (Colleen) attended a meeting of NOLOC while my Dutch was still very rudimentary. It was very intimidating but I challenged myself to share at the meeting, in Dutch, at that meeting. Sharing on the night’s topic of core values, I said my goal was to remain authentic to who I am as I strived to adapt and fit in in a new country, language and culture. Because I shared at the meeting, I was approached afterwards by Arnold Veenhof, a then starting coach, who offered me some free ..."
"...I (Colleen) notice that in groups which connect strongly with my values and passion I want to contribute what I know to a discussion. By sharing on LinkedIn you will be able to profile your knowledge and expertise and create the opportunity to build your professional connections. If you blog, connect your blogging activity to your LinkedIn ..."
"...I (Colleen) gave my first presentation as part of my work as a Recreation Therapist to people who had been diagnosed as obese. I was also a certified fitness instructor so it related to my values and interests and I really enjoyed giving the monthly talks. As part of my work role I also found myself addressing larger groups when introducing guest performers as well as leading activities. As my career progressed I continually found myself put into positions where speaking was part of the ..."
"...Note the reasons you have written down why this person is a mentor or role model for you. Is there consistency and a pattern between these elements? Do you recognise some of those elements as the ones you have written down as your values and what is important to you to accomplish? It is encouraging to note that if you can spot a characteristic in someone else, then you possess it to a certain extent already yourself, even if you weren’t really aware of it! ..."

" do you go about establishing yourself as a brand? The first step is to identify what type of person you are and how you want to be perceived. Mary Spillane, in her book Branding Yourself, suggests Brand You is a combination of three factors — your assets, your values and your image. In Chapter 2 — Find Your Passion, you already have made a good start. Here we will look at each area in more detail with an eye to creating your own brand statement identifying who you are, the essence of your achievements and what you have ..."
"... Be congruent and have integrity — how you look, act and talk must be in line with your values; people are quick to sense when you are not being congruent. Research is showing this congruence is also a key to personal happiness. All your activities in person and online need to be congruent ..."
"... ability to connect on a feeling and sensing level Adapt to the times without sacrificing your identity — you must keep reassessing your skills to make sure they are relevant to the market place - but not at the cost of sacrificing your values Be easy to find — don’t expect a job or ..."
"... and what it offers, and other possible substitute products/services Constantly reassess your values and identity to make sure they are still relevant to the market — do a SWOT analysis (see Chapter 4 — Creating Your Career) Invest in research and development, allow yourself to evolve and ..."
"... 3. Values Only by knowing, understanding and living your values can you create your life’s direction and ultimate destination. It is vital you define your values; they are your foundation and essential to successful branding. Your unique promise of value What ..."
"... unique promise of value What are your values and what does that mean to your client? Review your values (from Chapter 2 — Find Your Passion) and link them together in a sentence which clearly communicates your values to your clients or contract providers. How are you different from the ..."
"... answer this question effectively (See the Chapter 7 — Working For Yourself section on market research). What potential market do your passions, values and hobbies point you towards? Learn more about your niche market through (advanced search) and Google blog ..."
"... elements of the above CV’s formats. Vehicles which also perform similar functions to a networking CV include your LinkedIn profile, your Facebook page and Pinterest collection. They are all ways to profile your skills, experience, interests and values. GETTING IT RIGHT The saying, ..."
" was worthwhile for her to apply again. The immediately Tweeted response accepted her invitation to meet and scheduled it for the next day. She was offered the position immediately. Upon reflection she recognizes that because she was searching for a position that really fit her qualities and values she was able to exude an authentic confidence in the interview. ..."
"... your network share information and tips with you. INTERVIEW RECORD SHEET What is your first impression of the employer? Which of your values match the company’s values? What is the work culture in this company? How much will you need to adapt to fit in? Does this opportunity meet your ..."

"...this approach in an informal way, collaborating with other likeminded professionals to provide workshops and services. I believe in the principle of abundance - the more we share the more there is for everyone. This belief allows me to turn the ‘competition’ into potential associates if there is a values and vision fit. Two advantages of forming associations like this are that your business will appear larger than it actually is, and you may be able to find ways to share marketing and publicity costs with others. ..."
"... ask for your help with? Ask them if you can exchange it for learning from one of their areas of expertise. What types of collaboration suit your personality, style and values? ‘When I decided to write Gardening in Oman and The Gulf I had to learn to use a word processor. Expatriate ..."
"... two weeks at a time. They are really inspiring.’ Cheryl, American in Vietnam, What business form suits your values and potential business? Do you have what it takes? An entrepreneur is someone who likes to be in control, enjoys an element of risk, is ..."

Chapter 8: For the Journey
" happening in your life. Take the time and value your experience and your story enough to put it down on paper. It is a tool for you to use to help you gain insights, become more conscious of the choices you are making, how they reflect your values and the effect they are having on how your life is unfolding. Review the writing techniques described in Chapter 2 — Find Your Passion, on writing Lifestory and Shining Moments. ..."
"...refresh and replenish. Start something new if what you used to do is no longer of interest or available in your current location. Use the same process to find a hobby as you did to find the work you love, as your hobbies are also based on your passion, values and skills. ..."
"...them to match your skills and experience to an occupation or study. The amount of individual time and attention you will receive from a career advisor may be limited based on their funding source (e.g. a government service). This type of service can miss the deeper elements of your values and passion and miss some of the elements needed to discover the unique portable career paths open to you in your current situation. ..."

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"An awesome networker and intrepid traveller, there is nothing that Jo doesn't know about creating, sustaining and growing a portable..."

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