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"... The one circumstance in which you may be able to break through into a recruiter’s field of vision is when you represent a closely-defined specialty in which that recruiter works. And that, of course, is when you should consider including, but not relying on, recruiters in your search. - ..."
"...As the client of a consultant, you are a consumer of services. Make your purchase with the same care you would give to a decision about what new television set to buy. When you walk into a store’s electronics section, do you settle on the first set that meets your dimension requirements? Probably not. Like most other consumers, you turn the set on, look at the picture, research and try the features, and determine if the set you ..."

"...A portable career is work that you can take with you wherever you go. It is based on your own unique set of skills, values, passion and vision and is not based in a physical location. Lower costs of travel and technological advances have made the global labour market a more accessible option for more workers and businesses than in the past. Megan Fitzgerald, expat career and entrepreneur coach defines a portable career as location independent, using ..."

Chapter 2: Find Your Passion
"... Recognition Respect Responsibility Security Simplicity Spirituality Stability Status Steep learning curve Structure & predictability Supervision / be in charge Tangible result / product Time freedom Tradition Work alone Work with others Worklife balance Work under pressure ..."
" find it hard to be among needy or weak people, then think about working in a high energy, successful environment. If you feel uncomfortable among charismatic, dynamic people, then perhaps you would feel happier in a nurturing, supportive field. Knowing what you don’t want can help clarify the vision of what you do what. ..."
"... down your goals increases your chance of realizing them without limiting you, as you can always change and adapt them as you go along. YOUR CAREER vision What does your dream for the future look like? What are some of the elements that make up your dream and help give it shape and form? ..."
"...What does your dream for the future look like? What are some of the elements that make up your dream and help give it shape and form? Athletes have discovered that, after their natural talent, having a vision of their success is as important as their physical training regime. 1988 Winter Olympics downhill ski champion Alberto Tomba made headlines for his activities off the hill as well as on. Many questioned how someone as undisciplined as he appeared to be could win so many medals. The ..."
"... it is important to take the time to record what you saw. Use the questions that follow to do this. Take the time now to write down what you saw and experienced in this visioning process. 1. This is a description of my home: 2. This is who I am living with: 3. This is where I am ..."
"...Did this process work for you? Was it difficult or easy? Were you able to open yourself up to this task, or do you find this type of activity too ‘out there’? That’s okay too as there are other ways to develop a vision or image of your desired future. If you had difficulty with this or didn’t do the process, take note of the thoughts that kept you from engaging in this process. ..."
"...My (Colleen’s) own first experience of this process over 10 years ago informed me, among other things, of the importance of the role natural light plays in my life. It was present in all aspects of the visioning process and was something that stayed with me afterwards and which I began to notice more and more. Now living in the Netherlands, I appreciate on a whole different level that there is a law that states every work space (as appropriate to the work function) must have an ..."
"... an adequate amount of natural light! And that Dutch architecture uses many large windows. Come back to this visioning process from time to time as your vision will continue to evolve along with you. - Speedwriting - I (Jo) am a firm believer in speedwriting as a valuable way to get ..."
"... choose them. Write about what you do in your leisure time: What magazines do you read? What television program do you watch regularly? What is the storyline of your favourite book or movie and what does that tell you about what’s important to you, your values and drivers? When you’ve ..."

"... What is success to you? How will you know when you’ve succeeded? 3. What level of financial remuneration will you need to earn in order to achieve these purposes and live out your vision and mission? DO YOU LIKE TO BE ALONE? Most people tend to think of themselves as either ..."
"...Once you have that vision and have established your values, you have the basis upon which to set long and short-term goals. Having a vision/mission allows you to judge every major decision you make and prioritise your activities according to what is important - hence making more effective use of your time and ..."
"...Gail MacIndoe believes all things are created twice; first there is the mental vision and then the physical creation. If you think about what you want to achieve and visualise it, and then you write it down, you will have created the goal twice. When the goal is achieved, you will have created it three times. ..."
"... If your mission statement is the North Star guiding your journey, then the goals are the points on the star that define it and give it more shape. Goals serve your purpose and passion and express them in concrete actions. They lead towards your vision and mission in one way or another. ..."
"... of others Option 1 This process of creating a route map is not meant to limit the ways in which your vision can be realised. Often your vision will be achieved through serendipitous moments where planning and actions meet unplanned opportunity. Option 2 Keep the door open ..."
"...The same applies for living out your mission and vision. What are some of the changes and potential investments you will need to make? Your mission needs to inspire you to go beyond the inconvenience of some of these changes and continue to make the investments over the long term. If needed make some revisions to your mission to ..."

"...The networking CV allows you to follow-up your elevator pitch and elaborate your skills further. It is not targeted at a specific company or job opening but at opportunities in your desired career direction or business sector. Using the vision of your ideal opportunity to guide you, write your networking CV as if you were using it to apply for that position. Incorporate elements of the above CV’s formats. ..."
"... references Research the position using occupational profiles online (if you haven’t already) Develop a visual image of how it would be to work in that position at that company and how it would feel for you. Keep this vision in mind and check its accuracy during the interview Prepare ..."

" an informal way, collaborating with other likeminded professionals to provide workshops and services. I believe in the principle of abundance - the more we share the more there is for everyone. This belief allows me to turn the ‘competition’ into potential associates if there is a values and vision fit. Two advantages of forming associations like this are that your business will appear larger than it actually is, and you may be able to find ways to share marketing and publicity costs with others. ..."
"... financially? If you can answer these questions upfront, you’ll run into fewer surprises and less trouble later on. And if you decide to expand your business vision, you’ll have a basic plan to work with, which can be modified to fit the new realities and plans. Often the Chamber ..."
"... Risner, ‘Having a business plan is essential regardless of the specific nature of the business. It allows one to identify goals and objectives, form a mission and vision statement as well as be used as a reality check to gauge progress.’ Carol, American in Saudi ..."
"...‘I think a business plan is often the kiss of death. It’s better to have an articulated vision, which outlines what you need to do and go from there. It’s a lot more flexible. And, do we really have all that time to evaluate our potential customers and marketing programs? If you’re looking for outside financing, well then, go ahead and make the plan.’ ..."

Chapter 8: For the Journey
"...its head daily, as we race from packing lunchboxes, to school runs, cram in some work, scrabble together supper, then start ferrying children to Brownies, swimming lessons or karate. Action is everything. And it is not until the house is silent that we can flop in front of the television and sigh. ..."
"...‘[To stay motivated I] read positive affirmations or poems when I feel lonely. Call peers and have a 5-minute marketing discussion with them. I have to pay my own medical insurance and bills - that motivates me. A big motivation is to have a goal and a vision board - write your goals and plans on this board, and when you get demotivated look at it. Make the vision board colorful, put pictures of things you would like to achieve, purchase on this board. In less good times, your vision board will be a good source of ..."
"... process do they provide or specialise in? f. Vision or mission of the professional What unique vision and mission do they bring to the field of practice? Do they practice what they preach? g. References Ask for testimonials and/or references from previous clients. h. Work ..."

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"Jo Parfitt’s work has always centred around her concern for expat spouse career issues. She is a thoughtful, well-informed advocate...."

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