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what is a career in your suitcase?


A career in your suitcase is used to define work that moves when you do, that is grown and maintained despite changes to where you live or in your lifestyle. It is work based on what you love to do and that fits your needs and location.

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"...if you want to export lace from Belgium but are worried about moving to somewhere they do not make lace, most countries produce some local product that you can export to the same or similar markets as the lace you send from Belgium. The fine art of a successful career in your suitcase doesn’t mean having a big bag, but having a big imagination and the enthusiasm to carry it out. ..."

" in your suitcasee a struggle, in which I did my fair share of door-slamming and sulking. But it was around 1997 that I read Robin Pascoe’s A Wife’s Guide and realised, at last, a) I was not alone and b) I was not mad. In fact I was part ..."
" in your suitcaseland for a few years in 1997 with our two children, I noticed things had changed. People no longer had careers for life back home either. Mothers wanted some work-life balance and their frequent domestic relocations meant they wanted portable careers too. By 1998 I had formed Summertime Publishing ..."
" in your suitcasese is here to inspire, inform and support anyone who wants to find work they love. It’s for all those people who, like me, want to continue working despite relocation. It’s for everyone who believes challenges are merely opportunities in disguise and our world is full of surprises. Enjoy working ..."

Chapter 2: Find Your Passion
" in your suitcaseJo) had to earn some money. Overnight I became responsible for paying two sets of school fees and for family holidays. The first project I worked on when we came home was the publication of the first edition of A career in your suitcase. I formed Summertime Publishing and, during ..."
" in your suitcaseor me to just help others to produce their books. I had to write my own too and in 2002, Grow Your Own Networks was published as well as a second edition of career in your suitcase, followed in 2004 by Find Your Passion. Yet I need a ..."
" in your suitcased again, this time to The Hague, Netherlands, and having been careful to make my business global, many of my clients came too. I continued to help people write their books, marketed my workshops locally and, of course, kept on writing my books. In 2006, Expat Entrepreneur was published. In ..."
" in your suitcasein Norway. I’d started to compile notes for the first edition of A career in your suitcase. One of the mothers from my son’s preschool, Kit Prendergast, commented that my story was inspirational and I should do a short presentation to the business women’s network there. Not one to ..."

" in your suitcaseised that people, including myself, were frustrated about not having a portable career, and not knowing how to create their own career on the move, that I came up with the idea for A career in your suitcase. Make sure to use this griping about problems as a window to ..."
"... work for separate companies on different days of the week, some of which may be voluntary. Whenever we run career in your suitcase workshops we can guarantee that someone always asks this question: ‘It’s all very well, this idea of finding a career based on your passion. I need to work ..."
" in your suitcasee completely. In 1997 I (Jo) moved back to England after ten years abroad and I had to earn proper money for the family. Determined not to compromise my belief in working with passion, I decided I would have to run two types of jobs concurrently. I would do the ..."

Chapter 5: Networking
" in your suitcases always been important to me, of course, and so I (Jo) also joined a group for working women that called itself Women’s International Network (WIN). I don’t mind admitting it took me almost five months to pluck up the courage to go along. When I arrived I could not ..."
" in your suitcase I (Jo) was living in Norway, I subscribed to Writers News magazine. One day I spotted a small feature about a lady called Bobby Meyer, who had started an enterprising new publication called Dual Career Network. I was so inspired by her initiative I got in touch. On my ..."
" in your suitcasethors too? One of my (Jo’s) closest friends met me that way. She read a copy of the second edition of A career in your suitcase when in Australia, found my phone number in the book and gave me a call. Soon she was in London and attending my first ..."

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what is a career in your suitcase?
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"Jo’s passion and real life knowledge of this subject always mean that her talks are well worth listening to. You..."

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