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Which websites did you contact in order to further your research?


I am indebted to Andrea Martins of and Yvonne McNulty of as well as Robin Pascoe of They were may main source, and connected me to many other people who had commentary on their work abroad.

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" to mentor too, so ask. Choose a mentor who is a role model to you, who has shown success in the area to which you aspire and who is generous of spirit. Find someone who will share contacts, connect you with her colleagues, give you the names of websites and membership organisations maybe. Most importantly, you should consider your potential mentor to show enthusiasm and passion for what she does and to inspire you. ..."

"...I also kept writing articles, especially for the booming number of websites whose publishers did not really care where I was, as long as I had email. I also kept working on the novel. Mule Train was about two backpackers who become caught up in a drug smuggling ring, and was based on the three months I had once spent travelling ..."

Chapter 2: Find Your Passion
"...Using the Type inventory, a Type formula and quantitative measure of expression of each criterion (strength of the preference) can be determined. The corresponding type description provides you with insights into your personality type. One of the websites where you can access this self-assessment tool is Many people have found this tool highly informative and insightful. ..."

Chapter 3: What Can You Do?
"...combination of services that can be done from anywhere in the world using a computer and the Internet. I (Jo) know several people who use a VA to answer their telephone and respond to email. I use one to work on my database, another to upload items to my websites and one to send out my press releases. ..."
"...Being a journalist can be a good source of income wherever you go. If there are no English language publications locally then now is the time to expand your horizons and write for international publications, airline magazines, papers in your home country and magazines and websites relating to your experience. Be an author and write books if that appeals to you. But if you prefer to write short, sharp pieces, consider writing public relations material, e-books or Kindle books, blogs, website content, brochure copy and so on. Jo’s Definite Articles course can teach you ..."
"...Businesses need a web presence. Learn how to use the software, to upload material, and register with the search engines and you will be kept very busy. Many websites can be self-managed as the software has become very user-friendly and you don’t need to know how to ‘code’ but many business people are too busy to take the time to learn how to do it themselves. If you have an eye for design, or can work with a ..."

"...Many country or city-focused websites advertise local information and job opportunities. Reading these can be a way to inspire ideas of different options. If none of this interests you, ask yourself what you would like to have found. You may be able to find your own creative niche, originate an innovative pricing ..."
"...There are thousands of websites where you can do career and work related research, so at the outset it is valuable to know what information you are seeking. All the effort you have put into the previous chapters should have given you some ideas to start this research with. This will help prevent you ..."
"...There are thousands of websites which feature or include career resources and lists of career destinations. Among the private sites here are several good places recommended by Galen to begin — quintessential careers (www.quintcareers. com), careeronestop (, its cousin site ( and Jobweb ( Publicly funded sites ..."
"...are looking for, the next subject of research may be the companies in which such work is found. The three sites listed above are good places at which to begin. Having a company website is indispensable in today’s world and so nearly all medium to large sized companies have websites and depending on what part of the world you are in, most smaller ones do too. Visit these websites and read their news updates, annual reports and gather as much insight into the company as you can through their web presence. ..."

Chapter 5: Networking
"... or feature in these and other similar magazines, blogs and newsletters. Remember, you can write to magazines and websites requesting people contact you to help you with your career research. This can be very productive. And why not write to authors too? One of my (Jo’s) closest friends met ..."
"... to give me their contact details if they want to receive notes afterwards and sign up to The Inspirer at the same time • I have a sign up box on my websites • I have a line in my email signature inviting people to sign up and receive a free gift • I make sure that my ..."
"... Inspirer in my publications • I suggest that all those who contact me for any reason might like to sign up to The Inspirer too • I have three websites • I blog regularly and encourage people to follow my blog. • I Tweet about my newsletter, blog, radio program and other ..."
"... newsletter, blog, radio program and other professional activities • I give articles to websites and publications read by my target market. I do not charge for the piece if I am able to promote myself at the end of the article • I share relevant information with targeted sub-groups of my ..."
"... of local networks, both social and professional. • I belong to a local business club • I write for local magazines and websites, ensuring my name and contact details appear at the end • I offer to speak at local club meetings and events, often for free. • I take a table at ..."
"...them can refer you to someone who can. Use the company search feature on LinkedIn to see how the company is linked to your network. If you are still unable to identify a suitable person to interview, then you can use local business directories and contact information on company websites to find the person you want to interview. A personal connection can really warm up the whole process so first try to find someone via your network. You will be surprised at the people your network can put you in touch with. ..."

"... in Chapter 4 — Creating Your Career. This will generate insights into what this means for potential opportunities and work for you. COMPANY websites Company websites most often have a tab or button for people looking to work for them. Look for the names of companies operating in your ..."
"...Company websites most often have a tab or button for people looking to work for them. Look for the names of companies operating in your area and visit their websites to research what kinds of positions are currently available. Even if the kind of work you want is not currently advertised, ..."
"...Those looking to get started in a new field of work or wanting short term work can consider subscribing to sites offering contract opportunities such as www.ceweekly. com,, and Search online for the websites specific to your field. For example, if you are a journalist, you can find information on projects around the globe through email bulletins such as ..."
"...offer to result. With good preparation beforehand, a career fair can be enjoyable and interesting. Bring your networking CV, your business cards (ones you have made up specifically for your work search) and a notepad and pen. Dress as if you were attending an interview. Research in advance the websites of the companies who will be hosting a booth. You can use some of the same questions you prepared for your information interviews in Chapter 5 — Networking to help you gather information. Be prepared to tell people about yourself and prepare in advance a one-minute self-introduction or elevator ..."
"...Jobvite reports nearly two-thirds of the 800 employers surveyed had used social media in their recruiting; 55 percent of these were expected to increase their budgets for social recruiting in 2012. According to the Society for Human Resource Management survey (, the social networking websites used most often by organisations for recruitment in 2011 are: LinkedIn–95%; Facebook–58%; Twitter–42%. More and more work searchers are leveraging their online social networks to find job referrals. Here are some of the most commonly used social ..."
"... of REA notes that the majority of job openings are posted online; 80 percent of job openings are never advertised elsewhere. Five levels of job listing websites There are roughly five different levels of online job listing websites: generic, affinity or specialist, niche, geographical and ..."
"... are never advertised elsewhere. Five levels of job listing websites There are roughly five different levels of online job listing websites: generic, affinity or specialist, niche, geographical and aggregator. 1. Generic sites are the big all encompassing sites like ..."
"...To help you evaluate which employment websites to use, Galen suggests you visit the International Association of Employment Web Sites and use ones which are members. Evaluate non-member websites against those that are members to ensure there are no unethical gaps in their practice before deciding to use that site. ..."
"...Hundreds of CV databases are online today, each offering different services. You’ll need to understand the various features and then decide which arrangement will best suit your needs. A few sites charge a fee to show your CV, but most are free for the job seeker. All-encompassing websites like have different versions for different countries, include tips and guidance for work search, and of course provide a list of vacancies. ..."
"...It may not be possible to scan this format so check to see if they use scanning software to sort through CVs. If done effectively, a visual CV should be easier to read and an employer will know within seconds if a candidate deserves more attention. Here are some websites which support the development of visual CVs:;; ..."
"... Find out locally what is required in a CV. In some countries, it’s standard to enclose a photograph. In others, such as the US, the employer is required to dispose of these CVs. Check with employment agencies, government agencies and local work search websites to learn about local customs. ..."

"...find out about going rates or prices, you will ideally want to network with business and social contacts in your new area. You can speak to someone who provides similar services or someone you know who has used services similar to yours. Check also the prices on websites of businesses providing similar products and services. ..."
"...example might be a regional newspaper or a professional journal or newsletter. The articles should show your knowledge of your field and your business savvy. Join related groups on LinkedIn and participate actively. Many small businesses get their first clients in this manner. Don’t forget you can write for websites and free publications too. A blog can be created free of charge at hosts like WordPress or Blogspot. ..."
"...Take a look at the home page of many websites and you will see they too read a bit like a sales letter and draw you in, ending in a call to action, usually, signing up for something. Look at Jo’s and Alexandria Brown’s for more inspiration and examples. Consider using a video ..."
"...First you need to buy a domain name that will be easy for people to remember. You could play safe and buy your name. I (Jo) own in addition to my other websites, www.expatbookshop. com and You can search to see which sites are available at and from many other sites including, which I use. Key in the name you would like and see if it is available. If it is, then great, buy it and ..."
"...popular website that sees heavy traffic, you are unlikely to be able to sell expensive advertising on your site. However there is much scope for setting up reciprocal links with important sites, and getting publicity for your business on other people’s sites. Offering free content on appropriate websites is a good way to get yourself some publicity and a hyperlink that takes people directly to your own site. ..."
"...optimisation services will help you to appear first on the list after a search by Google, for example. Paul Herbert of Where On Earth ( helps people with search engine optimisation (SEO) and says websites act like either ‘corks’ or ‘stones’. The more links you have to sites that have many links of their own, the more like a ‘cork’ you will be and the further up the ratings you will appear. Additionally, the more pages you have containing the more keywords (the ones ..."
"...As mentioned previously, many websites have a blog as an integral feature. Consider how blogging could benefit your business and create your own unique approach to blogging that suits you, your business and your target audience. Do not parrot what others are doing. Give it some thought to make it an effective tool for ..."

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Which websites did you contact in order to further your research?

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"A Career In Your Suitcase is all about knowing what to pack for that new challenge … Jo Parfitt has..."

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