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I have lived abroad in Dubai, Oman, Norway and the Netherlands for 25 years and have found fulfilling freelance work everywhere. I am a writer but have been totally flexible throughout my career, have adjusted my work according to my lifestyle (like having kids) and needs (like needing money). I have developed many entrepreneurial skills and am a networker and good at marketing on a shoestring budget.

I have been invited to speak at many international conferences on this topic and am well-known as an inspiring and empowering speaker.

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"... to add your own please go to Galen Tinder, REA Manager, explains how to understand and use a career consultant, coach, mentor, recruiter or career management firm in order to realise your career dreams. In this chapter you will learn that careers consultants ..."
"...In order to understand what career consultants do, it’s helpful to compare them with other professionals. Let’s take attorneys and financial advisors. All three kinds of professionals possess a body of knowledge and a set of skills in applying that knowledge to individual situations. As with attorneys and financial advisors, much of what career consultants provide ..."
"... getting the services you need. In this chapter I want to give you an idea of what career consultants do, help you decide if you can benefit from working with one and suggest guidelines to help you select a person who is qualified and well suited to help you. - Who Can Help You With Your ..."
"...This is a point of confusion for many people who expect career counselors or consultants to find them jobs, and recruiters to help them with self-marketing. There is a distinct difference between them – in that career consultants work for individual clients while recruiters work for client companies. In a nutshell, career consultants help people to find jobs, while recruiters help companies to fill positions. Recruiters are in a position to recommend qualified candidates to companies, and sometimes conduct preliminary screening interviews. career consultants work with people ..."
"...A career management firm offers services like those provided by career consultants. In fact, if you contract with a firm, you are likely to work with a particular consultant. Be aware, however, that some of these firms promise more than they deliver and can cost a hefty sum, as much as 20 per cent of a first year’s salary. Some of ..."
"... Finally, ask for the names of two or three former clients who you can call. If they refuse to give you any names, keep looking. - career consultants - Career consultants can be generalists or specialists. The generalists handle everything from career development to the nitty-gritty ..."
"... letters, counsel clients on the productive use of the Internet, teach networking skills and train clients for interviewing. - When to Use a career consultant - A career consultant can be useful especially for those who have little idea about how to conduct a job search or who need an ..."
"...A career consultant can be useful especially for those who have little idea about how to conduct a job search or who need an objective party who can hold them accountable for executing the several stages of the search, especially the networking. Or perhaps you feel well-qualified in general to conduct your ..."
"...A first rate career consultant is master of a formidable list of professional functions. So when we are thinking of using the services of a career consultant, how can we evaluate the quality of this mastery and its application to our particular situation? This issue is complicated by the fact that career consultants come ..."
"...When you consult a lawyer you know she has a law degree. Your doctor has a Doctor of Medicine degree. Your financial planner will have the right credentials and your children’s teachers will have recognised professional qualifications. But when it comes to career consultants, the picture is murky. ..."
"...Another source of career consultants is psychologists, social workers and other mental health practitioners who have for some time appreciated how vocational fulfillment is closely tied to a person’s overall contentedness in life. So, it’s not surprising to find that therapists and other mental health personnel have incorporated career consulting into their portfolio of ..."
"...As we have indicated, there are no uniform certification standards or requirements for career consultants. Graduate degrees in theology, psychology and education are common. Some consultants will have an alphabet soup of letters after their name. Again, make sure to ask what the letters stand for and the requirements the consultant needed to meet in order to earn them. ..."
"...The best way to find a competent professional is on the basis of recommendations from satisfied clients. If you know people who have seen a career consultant, ask them their opinion. Would they recommend the person? What are her strengths and weaknesses? What is her style and how much does she charge. If you do not know such people, ask the consultant you are considering for two or three former clients you can call. If she ..."
"...Bring this same approach into selecting a career consultant. Interview several (you should not be charged for the initial ‘do we have a fit’ session) with a special eye towards identifying somebody with whom you feel comfortable. When purchasing a new car, most buyers research potential makes and models and then decide what to focus on when they ..."
"...You may talk to three distinguished consultants with graduate degrees but select an educationally undistinguished person because you sense that she’s the one with whom you will be comfortable being entirely honest. As we indicated, you should never engage the services of a career consultant before interviewing the person to assess her expertise, style and your own level of comfort with the person. If any of your candidates resents this, you can cross her name off your list. ..."
" consultantts are good listeners and do not operate with a predetermined agenda and process into which they squeeze every client. You want to work with a consultant who understands your particular situation, lays out the options available along with their advantages and disadvantages, and helps you to arrive at decisions ..."
"...Right now, Austin needs the services of a person who specialises in the ‘what’ question – what career will make good use of his talents and abilities in an environment that is conducive to personal and professional growth? To gain insight into these questions Austin can employ either a career consultant or coach. ..."
"...Many people do write their own resumés, perhaps with a bit of help from a friend or family member. The results are often adequate, but less effective than they could be. Resumés are notoriously difficult to write for oneself. In fact, most career consultants get help in writing their own resumé. A career consultant can help clients to identify their most valuable skills, abilities and achievements and to articulate them in a way that will be maximally persuasive to a potential employer. A consultant can also help her client with the formatting of ..."
"...and despite its undeniable usefulness as a research tool, most people still get their jobs through networking the old-fashioned way. Many people new to job hunting find networking confusing and intimidating and have little idea where to start or how to build a continually expanding web of contacts. A career consultant can correct misperceptions about networking and give clients practical advice on how to go about doing it. ..."
" consultantuch consummate networkers that their formal documents – the resumé and cover letter – are of secondary importance. But even skilled and experienced networkers can lose their confidence when faced with a formal job interview. It’s possible to get a job without a resumé or a cover letter, but very ..."
" consultantwe noted, has transformed the ways in which we conduct research. But for the novice the enormous volume of information available can be daunting, if not overwhelming. It’s difficult to know where to start and, once underway, how to collect relevant information most efficiently. career consultants provide expertise on how ..."
" consultantes are the same, and each one yields its share of puzzling or unusual circumstances. Often the right course of action can depend on the subtleties and nuances of the situation. career consultants, by virtue of their experience, can help clients assess such situations and respond to them appropriately. ..."
"...abundant information about the job search both on the Internet and in bookstores. Indeed, scarcity of resources is not a problem facing the contemporary job hunter. Quite the contrary, there is so much information available that it can bewilder even the most sophisticated job seekers. One valuable role the career consultant plays is to connect the job seeker with the right amount of the right information. A good career consultant is an expert at marshalling and organising the right amount of the right information. She has a general knowledge of what it available and can match the client up with ..."
"...Simply put, it’s important to research the prospects in the area you will be moving to. A career consultant can be very helpful in gathering and interpreting this information, both before and after your move. Although native-born consultants may have a close acquaintance with the pertinent rules and regulations governing the work options of foreign nationals, you may find it easier to work with somebody who is part ..."
"...Whether you can officially work or not, it’s naturally important that your career consultant be familiar with all of the formalities of the classic job search as well as the informalities and idiosyncrasies of the national and local culture. She should also be able to network you into relationships with both nationals and other expatriates who can help you from the ‘been-there and ..."
"...a portfolio of activities that will be stimulating and career enhancing. Keep an abundant record of everything you get involved with so that upon your return home, or your arrival in another foreign location, you can assemble a portfolio to document and demonstrate your activities to potential employers. A career consultant can help you to select items for your portfolio and to organise it in a way that will attract a person’s attention. ..."

"... a third culture kid (TCK — see glossary), and others involved career transitions — from Recreation Therapist to career consultant — with this last move I took my career on an international adventure. As a self-employed career consultant I believed that a move to the Netherlands would ..."
"...As a self-employed career consultant I believed that a move to the Netherlands would allow me to put the career development principles that I teach my clients to the ultimate test. I gave myself some time to make the transition and focused on learning the language first. Two years later I was again ..."

Chapter 5: Networking
"...My commissions at The Independent came about because one of the members of our local writing circle did some sub-editing for them. At least two career consultants hired by Ricklin-Echikson Associates (REA) were recruited as the result of an email I received from them when I was editor at Woman Abroad magazine asking if I could recommend anyone suitable. ..."

Chapter 8: For the Journey
"...Some career consultants teach people the skills they need to navigate their way through the career development process as described in the model at the beginning of this section. Others work specifically with people to guide them through one or more of the various elements of career development: learning more about yourself, ..."
"...A career management firm offers services like those provided by career consultants. In fact, if you contract with a firm, you are likely to work with a particular consultant. Be aware that some of these firms promise more than they deliver and can cost a hefty sum, as much as 20 percent of a first year’s salary. Some of these ..."

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"Jo is the perfect example of how a ‘trailing spouse’ can make the most of her time abroad. She is..."

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