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"...Is it important for you to have time for your family, that school holidays are kept free and you have time to show your guests the local sights when they visit? Do you have the space and the discipline to work from home? Would you rather work with people in a formal office or through an informal office share? Is it important for you to use all your skills and passions, or would you be happy only using a few of them? Do you still want time for yourself and your hobbies? ..."
"...fact, very few people are all one or all the other - most of us are a mixture of both. When I (Jo) analysed my typical working day I realised I work best alone, not only by myself in an office, but in a whole building. I like to work from home or a small office, but only when no one else is there either, as I do not like being interrupted. Yet I do need daily social input in order to redress the balance. Working alone as I do, I still need time to brainstorm with others, preferably face to ..."
"...from home, anywhere in the world. Website design, coaching, writing, editing, marketing, market research, accounts, virtual assistance, teaching and many other businesses can be successfully run on this basis. Some companies, particularly those requiring people to run a telephone based enquiry service or telesales office, recruit freelance staff to work from home. ..."

"...less solitary activities, so try to create a balance. When I (Jo) worked from home and lived alone in my mid twenties, I would make a point of taking a good walk each lunchtime and plan social activities for the evening. Now I live with my family, yet also work from home much of the time, I know myself well enough to realise I can only handle going out two or three evenings a week, and business trips abroad can only happen once a month. Equally, I realise I work best alone, in silence and I dislike interruptions. However, as an ..."
"...It is not a given anymore that if you don’t work for someone else that you must work from home or set up your own independent location. Flexible work spaces are increasingly available that allow entrepreneurs to work from an office location with other entrepreneurs and book only the amount of office hours they need or want. This allows for connections to be made, collaboration to happen, exchange of ..."
"... Kids are another matter. They may be the most important reason why you elected to work from home. But you cannot expect work and life to fall into balance because you are home. However, you will be more in control and be in closer proximity to family in times of need or crisis. I ..."
"...I (Colleen) have chosen to limit the hours I work from home to the amount of day- care I was willing to have my son in during his pre-school years. I didn’t see myself juggling child care and working during the same times and didn’t want my son to feel he wasn’t as important as my work. However, one advantage ..."

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