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The CIA recruited at Wharton when I was an M.B.A. student there. During winter vacation of 1979-1980 I typed endless application forms on a typewriter. A couple of months later I got a phone call with an offer to come to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, for two days of interviews.

At the moment I got the call I was not in a position to accept this visit offer — something I have always regretted.

Years later in 1994 I thought I had arranged an invitation to visit the CIA when I would be in D.C. for another reason. Unfortunately, that was the week that the mole in the agency — Aldrich Ames — was discovered and the CIA was in lock-down mode.

I still have hopes of someday visiting Langley.

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"... He shook hands and inclined his head, then walked out of the office. In the hall he smiled. He had passed the first test. Langley, Virginia, 1997 — “We have no choice,” George MacIntosh said, eyeing the authorization lying on his desk top. “He’s coming from Berlin ..."

"... Speedy Delivery — and ask for help. Frederick would help him. It was the American way. ** Langley, Virginia “I don’t understand,” George said. Kathleen watched him tap his pen against his blotter and shift his weight in his desk chair. ..."

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