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1. Prologue – Berlin – 1997
"The letters shimmered on the plain of the yellowed paper, the moisture in his eyes fogging the squiggles into botches. Letters birthed by an ancient East German typewriter, standard ... " - read more
2. Day 1 - Berlin 1997
"Hans Wermer hunkered in a disintegrating armchair in the reception room of the CIA’s office in Berlin. ... " - read more
3. Day 2 - Langley, Virginia
"In a few minutes Kathleen had to meet with George. She twirled an enameled pen — her farewell gift from Rodney. His field reports lit up dots all ... " - read more
4. Day 3
"The clock at the diner wall said 3:00. That is, 3 a.m. Charles hid a yawn behind his hand. The sugar he’d added to his coffee punctured ... " - read more
5. Day 4 - Bavaria, Germany
"“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Beth said. She pushed her arms against the waves of white clouds, sticky like shaving cream foam. She tried moving her feet, but they ... " - read more
6. Day 5
"Beth sat in the back of Rodney’s BMW with Kathleen while David sat up front with Rodney. Kathleen had promised to answer Beth’s questions once they were on the road. ... " - read more
7. Day 6
"Once again Beth found herself sitting on a bench waiting for David. Only this bench was outside the walls of Fort McHenry and he was a half hour late ... " - read more
8. Day 7
"Beth walked into a restaurant in Georgetown, where David sat waiting for her, his left arm in a sling due to being yanked as he was frog-marched at Colonial Williamsburg. ... " - read more
9. Note to Readers
"Inspired by Robert Bidinotto’s note to readers at the end of his thriller HUNTER, I’m adding my own note. ... " - read more

"The story moves fast, is filled with action, intrigue and mystery. Readers of spy stories will enjoy this novel. ..."

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