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East German state security -- the Stasi headquarters in East Berlin is the location of the prologue in CIA FALL GUY.

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"... typewriter, standard issue. David Ward coughed. The dust in these old East German Stasi — State Security Police — files penetrated his lungs. He was alone in the basement room eight years after the fall of the Berlin Wall had brought down the Stasi. He had taken precautions not to ..."

Chapter 6: Day 5
"... opened her backpack to find a comb. “What does this group have to do with us?” “Not sure. It’s tied in with some other information I learned from the Stasi files.” Beth checked her face in a compact mirror. “Can we at least go clothes shopping – at a ..."

Chapter 8: Day 7
"...“Because after the Stasi – East German intelligence – files were opened, I finally found enough evidence to set my plan in motion. I felt ever since … the bombing in Frankfurt that there was a traitor within the CIA. But I could never prove it until last month when I ..."
"... it was only because the food was so lousy.” David drank from his coffee cup. “George has been uneasy since the Stasi files have been open. A couple of years ago George asked Jack to go undercover, supposedly checking some bogus story.” Jack said, “In reality – although I ..."

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"CIA Fall Guy brought me into an experience laced with history & contemporary intrigue. Miller reflects a solid knowledge of..."

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