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What motivated you to write CIA FALL GUY?

What motivated you to write CIA FALL GUY?


The seed for CIA FALL GUY came from my experiences living in Europe when my husband Mitch and I were stationed with the U.S. Army in Munich, Germany, from September 1970 to May 1972.

Mitch was a military intelligence officer with the 18th MI Battalion, and I eventually got my own security clearance and a low-level GS job with the 66th MI Group. A copy of the reports I typed went to the CIA station in Munich.

The bombing of the Frankfurt Officers Club actually occurred in May 1972 only a few hours after Mitch and I arrived in Frankfurt by train from Munich and then immediately flew back to the United States on a U.S. Army-chartered plane. I subsequently read about the bombing in the front-page news items of The Wall Street Journal.

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"... game had been in progress. All that was years ago. What could it have to do with her now? Hans Wermer hunkered in a disintegrating armchair in the reception room of the CIA’s office in Berlin. The Library. At least that’s what his contact had called it more than 20 years ago ..."
"... No, not good at all. Three days ago he’d been informed by the liaison officer at the CIA reception center in Berlin, a young man speaking in school-learned German, that Hans’ case would take some time. “Ist das klar?” the young man had asked. It was not so simple. No, not ..."
"... Virginia, 1997 — “We have no choice,” George MacIntosh said, eyeing the authorization lying on his desk top. “He’s coming from Berlin tomorrow and she’s the only one alive who can possibly identify him.” He fingered his CIA-issue pen. “Why do we need to identify ..."
"... use that person.” George had been stationed at CIA headquarters for the last several years, since before the rumblings that brought the Wall down. If nothing untoward happened, he would retire from here in another two years after a competent if not spectacular career. This case had been ..."
"... them to me now.” “Outside would be better.” She shook her head. Both men palmed small ID cards encased in plastic and swiped the cards under her eyes. Tompkinson and Hemmings, both CIA. CIA? “Wait a minute, what’s going on here?” she asked. “Now will you come ..."
"...of her classmates exited the dojo, waved to her as they headed down the block. What would they think if they knew who she was talking to? They’d want to know what she wanted to know — what could this possibly be about? Unless, unless, the CIA had finally learned who was responsible for Stephen’s death? ..."

"... passed a folder over to Beth. “Open it,” Kathleen said. So the woman speaks. Beth had wondered if Kathleen were here for window dressing, to show how progressive the CIA now was, with this twofer — a woman and a black. Inside the folder was a report typed in the format Beth had ..."
"... stupor?” She laughed again. “It’s not a funny matter,” Charles said. “You’re our only hope.” God help the country if she were the CIA’s only hope. ** Charles was back in his own office, having begged off lunch with Kathleen ..."
"... certainly not going to follow suit. Beth chose a tuna fish salad and a glass of orange juice. Her hand wavered over and then passed up a chocolate brownie. She let Kathleen pay — the CIA could afford it — and followed her outside to a picnic table. Kathleen doused her steak with ..."
"... instructions, which were to bring Beth back to Langley afterwards. “Here we are. Hop in,” Kathleen said. She and Beth fastened their safety belts and Kathleen drove off the grounds of the CIA. Kathleen glanced at Beth. Obviously Beth had brought a suitcase for no ..."
"...blame this on her! He never allowed her to be involved in any operations. Then when one of his went wrong, he dumped it on her. She opened her mouth to protest, then closed it. One thing she had learned from day one at the CIA — protesting only made you look more suspect. Best to keep one’s mouth shut. Charles knew the score anyway. Let George vent. ..."
"... his hands at her. “Quiet. I have to think what to do.” “Let me go look for him,” Kathleen said. “There was no car, so we can assume the subject is driving the CIA’s car. I can put out a discreet bulletin.” “No,” George said. “How many times do I have to tell you ..."
"...Kathleen dug her nails into her palms. No use in pointing out that she was a professional, trained by the CIA in numerous clandestine procedures. George only thought of men his age, who had been in the field for centuries, as capable of undertaking operations, even if these same men couldn’t run a mile or do a computer search to save their lives. ..."
"...hut. Beth had wanted to check around, see if they could spot any footprints, wait until the people from headquarters arrived. Beth read enough mysteries and thrillers to know not to leave a murder site unguarded. Evidence could be ruined, clues trampled. What did the CIA teach its operatives, for heaven’s sake? ..."
"...Kathleen had a large collection of military history books, including several on the CIA. In fiction her taste ran to thrillers, including Tom Clancy and Ken Follett. She had a minimum number of self-help books, mostly on good nutrition and energy dieting. There was one book on guns and ammunition, another one on surveillance tradecraft. No CIA-issue manuals. ..."
"...You’re a fool she told herself. How can you trust the CIA? If they’re so hotshot, how come they never solved what happened to Stephen? Or did they solve it and keep it secret? Was she brought down to Langley to identify someone she saw for a moment so many years ago or was there a more sinister ..."
"... itself after 25 years? Calm down. You read too many spy novels. Yet good spy novels have verisimilitude — they seem accurate because similar things do happen. Why after all these years would the CIA contact her? Beth walked into the kitchen and checked out the cupboards. Whenever ..."
"... Waiting for the other shoe to drop? Shouldn’t she get out of here while the getting was good? But this was the CIA we’re talking about. Where could she go that they couldn’t find her? Maybe they could find her, but how about a respite for a few days? Let whatever was going down ..."
"... down. Back in the living room. Check the clock. How long would she be locked in here? She could call 911, ask for help. And say what? “I’m being held by the CIA against my will?” The 911 operator would probably laugh. Another loony. Must get calls like that all the time. Back ..."
"... What was she going to do here? Was she more afraid of falling or more afraid of being lost permanently in the bowels of CIA headquarters? No one knew she was here. She had followed instructions and told no one where she was going. See, hadn’t they planned ahead of time to disappear her? ..."
"... urge to throw herself down and offer a thanksgiving prayer for safe passage to the New World. Now all she had to do was evade the CIA. If she had climbed down a trellis, how hard could that be? ** Bethesda, Maryland — George unlocked the ..."
"...Pristine clean. He liked order. He’d been a military man in those faraway days of World War II. One of the original members of the OSS, the fledgling U.S. intelligence unit that survived to become the CIA. He liked everything in its place, whether it be his food in separate garrisons on his plate or his clothes in individually labeled compartments. When he died it would be a snap for the Company to clear his possessions. Everything labeled, corresponding to directions in his ..."
"...The answer was to lay low, to stay hidden until the CIA figured out where Hans Wermer had gone and what he was up to. George must have had suspected problems when he set up the meet away from headquarters. He was covering his behind, a common government employee procedure. But what had he expected to happen? ..."

Chapter 4: Day 3
"... I too have a plan.” “What plan?” Charles said. “The one I maneuvered coming to the United States in order to carry out. I must get even with the American at the CIA who — how do you say it? — did me wrong.” “Who’s the man?” Charles said. “George ..."
"... Hans, use English,” Frederick said. Charles thought quickly what he should say next. He said, “We have to first deal with the CIA’s search for Hans. Perhaps we can allow Hans to contact the CIA and thus meet George directly.” Matthew shook his head at Charles. “It could ..."
"... was cold. He replaced the coffee cup on its saucer. “This whole affair has gotten out of control. We have a civilian — brought in by George to identify Hans — on the run. We have my CIA colleague looking for the civilian. And we have CIA resources watching for Hans.” “This ..."
"... “Beth Parsons, late 40s, widow of an Army officer working in military intelligence in Germany when he died in a bomb explosion at the Frankfurt Officers Club in 1972,” Charles said. “At the time she worked for the 66th MI Group typing field reports that were shared with the CIA.” ..."
"... sloshed acid. It was 5 a.m. and time to get going. But where? Some remote place not connected with her where she could hang out for a few days until the CIA moved on to more important people. And left her alone. A teensy spider crawled along the bedspread. As a teenager she’d ..."
"... Lance’s insistence on reciting ghost stories had only worsened her fear. Yet the CIA was nothing to sneer at. Given her choice, she’d take the unseen animals over the visible CIA representatives. Poor Lance. He wouldn’t appreciate being awoken so early. But she had to get ..."
"... ** Kathleen lifted her left hand from the steering wheel and rubbed her eyes. It had been a hellish night. She’d been leery of using CIA contacts at first, worried that someone would alert George of what she was doing. So for several hours she’d tried ..."
"...This current situation, with everything going to hell in a handbasket, was not solid. It was slippery, as slippery as any situation he’d worked on over his long career. In fact, in some ways this was slippery. They were on U.S. soil, an area where the CIA was legally not supposed to run operations. CIA was to leave U.S. operations to the FBI boys. But this was not something he could trust to the FBI. They were too narrow-minded, too sure of themselves. He needed creative thinking here — plus a little ..."
"... on here,” Charles said. “Just wanted to make sure we’re prepared for any contingency.” “That’s what the CIA is for, to protect American interests.” George glanced at his flag. Then he stared across his desk at Charles. Perhaps ol’ Charles seemed a little unruffled? Not ..."
"... of targeted Vietcong officials. But it had brought him to the attention of the CIA boys. And when his two years of ROTC active duty commitment were ending, they had approached him, convinced him to sign on for life. He had nothing to go home for. But Jenny, oh Jenny. With her long ..."
"... he had never trusted another woman. Of course, that didn’t mean he’d been celibate. Far from it. But a CIA field operative moved around a lot, had a lot of masters to answer to, could not be expected to forge a long-term relationship. David checked the speedometer. Only 10 ..."
"... could no longer hear the whir of the blades she stopped the car. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! Had the CIA found her? Were they only trying to get her to stop, or were they trying to rub her out too? What the hell was going on? She stumbled from the car, pulling her backpack with her. She ..."
"... if you don’t stop attacking me.” “Who the hell are you?” she asked. “I’m with the Company.” “The what?” “Company. The CIA.” Oh, right. “That’s what they all say.” “Would you like to see my ID?” Beth nodded, then read the ID card he held ..."
"...When his two-year enlistment was up, he signed on to work as a civilian, taking college courses at the army’s overseas university to climb up the civil service ladder. The CIA had come knocking on his door one day, guaranteed him to stay on in Germany for several more years before a possible transfer elsewhere, which only now, at the end of his career, had become Langley. ..."
"...He’d liked the possibilities the CIA offered. These fit in with the George MacIntosh he was becoming. Not the product of a Scottish father who spoke always of the beauty of the old country, but the son of a mother whose family had left their native Germany in the wake of the upheaval ..."

"... I have a fear of falling.” “You don’t have any choice.” No, no, no, no, no. She would rather face the entire CIA — on the ground — than jump from a perfectly good airplane. She turned towards her seat. David caught her from behind. She tried a back kick, aimed at his ..."
"... laughed. From the front seat David said, without turning around, “They’re a couple. Or as much of a couple as two CIA employees stationed in different hemispheres can be.” Rodney laughed again. “Well said.” “Does this mean Rodney has alerted Kathleen ..."
"... now he wasn’t so sure. A wild card might have joined the game. Hence his decision to postpone a visit to the local CIA shop. Best to get a feel for the situation; see if any of the outlying pieces moved into play. Beth walked by his side, saying nothing. “Does it look much ..."
"...Beth shifted in the chair, her face swiveling back and forth between Rodney and David. All three were sitting at a table in the center of a large office space. Through a glass partition the inevitable bank of computers was visible. CIA Munich station. A destination of those military intelligence reports stamped SECRET or CONFIDENTIAL that she had typed long ago. Of course she had no idea whether this was the same office site. ..."
"... twisted to glance over his shoulder. “Jack died a couple of years ago.” “That’s what George told me.” Although anything that George, David, Kathleen or the rest of the CIA spooks said to her was suspect. David flashed her a smile. “Feeling better?’ Beth smiled back. ..."
"... David walked towards the bathroom. The moment he was out of sight Beth picked up the backpack David had acquired at CIA headquarters in Munich. This was the first time she had been alone with it and she wanted to make good use of this time. After unzipping the main section, Beth ..."

Chapter 7: Day 6
"... telling herself she wasn’t really alone – David did know where she was. But still the thought … Suddenly from the corner of her eye she spotted that dandy Charles from the CIA. She jumped up and dashed through the gate of the five-pointed fort. She galloped up narrow stone steps ..."
"...she entered the foyer featuring a sign announcing the events of the day. “The League for a United Germany” was listed in one of the conference rooms. She hurried to the indicated room and marched into a gathering of 10 men sitting around a large conference table. CIA George was at the head of the table and he gasped out her name. She decided to use persuasion first, guns second. ..."

Chapter 8: Day 7
"... security guard leaped to his feet when he saw George and said, “He isn’t allowed any visitors.” George showed him his CIA I.D. “Why don’t you wait outside?” The guard walked toward the door, but Charles motioned to the guard. “I’d rather you stayed,” Charles ..."
"... sat facing them. “Now you may begin, Hans,” David said. “In 1972 I made the discovery of an American traitor in the CIA. I wanted to report the name of the traitor in person to my case officer – Stephen Parsons.” “Stephen!” Beth burst out. Hans nodded. “I arranged to ..."
"...“Because after the Stasi – East German intelligence – files were opened, I finally found enough evidence to set my plan in motion. I felt ever since … the bombing in Frankfurt that there was a traitor within the CIA. But I could never prove it until last month when I asked for a leave of absence from the agency to follow up my own suspicions.” ..."
"... “And why did you end up with the Germany group?” “I needed somewhere to go after my CIA driver was shot. I didn’t know what my old friend was up to. Once I found out, I said nothing in order to see what would happen.” Beth nodded. Then asked, “Then why was the driver ..."
"... “Mistake,” Hans said. “I was the target. My old friend thought the person arriving at the CIA was a traitor to the Fatherland and wanted the traitor – how do you say it? – ‘taken out.’ But at the park the sun shone in the eyes of the shooter. When he shot the driver, I ran!” ..."
"... diner Beth and David stood next to Beth’s rental car, Beth leaning against the car and David facing her. “Will you be reactivating your status with the CIA now?” she asked. David nodded. “And do you have a home – someplace besides planes and trains you jump out ..."
"... back. “Can I keep the gun?” she asked. “Consider it an engagement gift,” he said. And now she met him halfway – and they finally really kissed – in the cafeteria of the CIA! ..."

Chapter 9: Note to Readers
"... and Charles working to help protect the security of the U.S. If so, please recommend CIA FALL GUY on Amazon, soCIAl media sites, book review sites and other online sites as well as offline to your friends and fellow book lovers. A strong showing for CIA FALL GUY could lead to more ..."
"... review sites and other online sites as well as offline to your friends and fellow book lovers. A strong showing for CIA FALL GUY could lead to more adventures – and I’d love to write these! ..."

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