Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite
Born with one testis and one ovary, Jamie must leave behind a little girl's dreams to become a man.

About Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite

Jamie was born with a testis, an ovary, and a pixie face. He can be a boy after minor surgery and a few years on testosterone. That’s what his parents always say, but he sees an elfin princess in the mirror. To become the man his parents expect, Jamie must leave behind  a little girl’s dreams.

At sixteen, the four-foot-eleven soprano leaves home school for a boys’ dorm at college. The elfin princess can live in the books Jameson reads and nobody has to find out he isn’t like the other boys.

When a medical student tells Jamie he should have been raised female, he discovers the life he could have as a girl. The elfin princess can thrive, but will she risk losing her family and her education for a boyfriend who may desert her, or a toddler she may never be allowed to adopt?

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About the Author,

Lianne Simon’s father was a dairy farmer and an engineer, her mother a nurse. She grew up in an environment filled with love and good books.

While seeking answers to her own genetic anomalies, Lianne met a family whose daughter was born with one testis and one ovary. As a result of that encounter, she spent more than a decade answering inquiries on behalf of a support group for the parents of such children.

Lianne and her husband live in the suburbs outside Atlanta, where she writes, tutors, and performs volunteer work.

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"...may not be a revolutionary book but with its effortless prose and authentic characters, it doesn’t have to be to..."

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