Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite
Born with one testis and one ovary, Jamie must leave behind a little girl's dreams to become a man.

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1. Chapter One
"Pain, sharp and insistent, dragged me back toward consciousness. I kicked the covers away and struggled to raise my head. One hand swept my lower abdomen, searching for blood, or ... " - read more
2. Chapter Two
"I collapsed on the bed in the guest room. Long ago I’d realized that someone would eventually find out Jameson wasn’t a regular boy between his legs. But I’d never ... " - read more
3. Chapter Three
"Lying on a feather bed underneath a pile of quilts, breathing the cold night air—could even a princess have asked for a more pleasant sleep? ... " - read more
4. Chapter Four
"The little princess squealed, hugged Sharon, and ran off to the bedroom to try on her new blouse. The girl in the mirror bounced up and down, holding up the ... " - read more
5. Chapter Six
"As soon as Christmas break ended, I made up my final exams. I was anxious to get back on track. ... " - read more
6. Chapter Nine
"Sharon had been pushing me, one gentle nudge at a time, into being a girl full-time. When she’d first told me she wanted to be my friend, I’d only intended ... " - read more
7. Chapter Fourteen
"All it would have taken to make me a boy would have been minor surgery and a few years on testosterone. That’s what Dad always said, you know, but whenever ... " - read more
8. Chapter Sixteen
"Going home meant leaving Rachael. Dad wasn’t gonna let me stay on Saint Andrew’s forever, and he for sure wouldn’t let me keep taking estrogen. Would my parents tell me ... " - read more
9. Chapter Twenty-Seven
"The elfin princess frowned at me from the bathroom mirror, silent accusation clouding her emerald eyes. I set the scissors on the counter and touched my fingertips to hers. “I ... " - read more
10. Chapter Twenty-Eight
"The breeze picked up, rustling the branches and chilling me. The evening was turning cold, but my cares and fears drifted away on the wind. I might not embrace the ... " - read more
11. Chapter Twenty-Nine
"Like a foster child, completely dependent on my new family, I’d left everything and everyone behind. Even Sofie. She sat on the dresser in the Alexanders’ guest room. Little girls ... " - read more
12. Chapter Thirty-Seven
"The best time for sleep was when I was supposed to be getting up. I bunched the pillow around my head and tried to ignore the soft whoosh of the ... " - read more

"...offers an intimate view of the struggles and celebrations of a young person affected by a disorder of sex development..."

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