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Can I bring my UK pets to Australia?


You can bring dogs and cats from the UK to Australia, provided that they meet the strict guidelines of AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service)

All cats and dogs entering Australia from the UK require an import permit to be granted by AQIS prior to export and to obtain this, an application to import cats and dogs to Australia must be completed.

Vaccinations and other requirements must be met at certain intervals – so it’s important that your vet has knowledge of the system.

Once your animal has had all the required vaccinations/flea treatments and the relevant documentation is approved and they have arrived in Australia – they will have to stay in one of the three quarantine stations in for 30 days.
These are located in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne – and you are able to visit them if you wish.

More information on bringing cats and dogs to Australia can be found in Chapter 3.

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Chapter 3: Pets on Planes
"...Your first impression may be that it is rather a performance to take your animals overseas, especially when you have so many other matters to attend to, but help is at hand. The professional companies that organise your beloved pets take over the burden of quarantine permits, documentation etc, so don’t be too disheartened. ..."
"...Although AQIS do not allow you to visit your precious pets on the day of their arrival, you can visit and interact with them during their stay. Visiting hours vary, so check with your station. All animals must complete a 30-day quarantine stay and facilities are located in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Arrangements can be made by your shipping company ..."
"... - So Go On… How Much? - When it comes down to it, no matter how much you would love your pets to travel with you on your new adventure, the big question is price. So to help you make your decision clearer here are approximate prices (in Aussie dollars). Import permits from DEFRA ..."

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Can I bring my UK pets to Australia?

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Pet Shipping Company

"Vicky Gray leaves no grey areas in this solid, practical and personal how-to book on how to emigrate to Australia...."

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