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Can I use my UK no claims bonus on a car in Australia?
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A Brit’s Guide to Moving Your Life Down Under

Can I use my UK no claims bonus on a car in Australia?


You can transfer your no claims bonus to Australia, although all car insurance companies differ.

If you have a full No Claims Discount (NCD) make sure you bring proof from your UK insurance company – although they may not ask to look at it.

If you don’t have a full NCD and you told the insurance company that you did, then your insurance will be void if you need to make a claim. So be honest and you will have no dramas... as they say.

NCD is also known as ‘rating 1’ if you have 65% no claims, going down in increments to rating 5 if you have 0% no claims.

As with the UK always do your research with insurance companies, as they can vary on price.

More information on car insurance and compulsory third party (CTP) insurance can be found in chapter 12.

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Chapter 2: One Small Step
"...Car agent and his enthusiastic team had taken over marketing our house when we were horribly let down eight months earlier: our previous buyers had pulled out at the eleventh hour. We had already provisionally sold my chiropody business; Max’s hairdressing salon; lined up purchasers for our cars and endured various ..."

Chapter 3: Pets on Planes
"... slyly at his watch. “Emma!” I yelled, darting outside and towards the house next door, tuna in hand. My neighbour was always very obliging with the loan of household objects and I knew she would be able to help – but to my dismay, her Car was not in the drive. Clutching at straws I ..."
"... her car was not in the drive. Clutching at straws I decided to knock anyway, on the off chance her husband had taken the Car and she was sitting there serenely, with a kitchen drawer full of can openers in assorted colours, just for my convenience. Instead of Emma, an unfamiliar ..."

Chapter 4: Goodbye Blighty
"... looking into if you are emigrating with a family. We still had many loose ends to tie up with insurance (including retrieving no-claim bonuses for Car insurance), bank accounts (closing British ones and opening Aussie ones) and final tax payments. So we were grateful to have another month in ..."

Chapter 5: Encountering Oz
"...Car one wildlife encounter we did have was with an enormous lizard. It resembled a small scaly dinosaur and seemed to be waiting patiently for our Car to pass. We stopped to get a closer look, to take a photo and maybe poke it a little, only to realise on inspection ..."
"...Car rest of the tour went by without any further trauma. It was immensely enjoyable and informative, but it was soon time for us to head back to the motel. We had been warned by various people that we shouldn’t travel about by Car after nightfall, due to the number of ..."
"...Car e are several different varieties of huntsman spider, but all of them have one major similarity: they all terrify people by their sudden appearance, like from behind curtains or hiding behind the sun visor in your Car before racing across your dashboard. Thankfully I have never experienced such an episode, ..."
"... Cockroach - I used to go on a lot of camping holidays as a child with my parents and two sisters; we would load up the Car to within an inch of its life and go abroad. So I had encountered many different insects, mainly in my sleeping bag, from an early age. Cockroaches were ..."

Chapter 6: Home to Roost
"...Car house we chose was practically brand new, with wonderful modern fixtures and fittings; three spacious bedrooms with built-in wardrobes. The master bedroom had a balcony, an en suite with a huge shower and a cavernous walk-in wardrobe. Downstairs, the well-equipped kitchen/diner/lounge room opened out to an outside eating area where ..."
"...Car nd then, suddenly, you step out from the confines of the Car and are met with magnificent Norfolk pine trees, surrounding a glorious honey-coloured bay, the sky and sea so sublimely blue they virtually merge into one, and warm sea breezes gently caressing your skin while rainbow lorikeets bursting with ..."
"...Car ough Australia has its fair share of torrential downpours and floods, the dams in some states may still be under capacity, which means stringent water restrictions can be in place. It is frowned upon if you water the garden, or wash your Car with a hose if there is a ..."
"... Weatherboard: a wooden house. Carport: occasionally the property may have had the garage converted into another room. The Car will be in a carport, which they will have fitted, or there may even be a simple canvas sail hung over the drive. Undercover deck: outdoor entertaining ..."

"...Car ng said that, when you start searching for said bottle shop, you then realise that there is one on every corner of every street, in varying sizes from your small run-of-the-mill off licence to the spectacular drive-through type, where you don’t even have to get out of your Car if ..."

Chapter 9: Work Farce
"...Car ext thought was that maybe I should just make a bolt for it. I could see my Car beckoning me in the distance, but everyone had already stubbed out their nicotine-induced lunch and had started to make their way back to the office. While I hesitated, a friendly girl in ..."
"... believe?) and with the usual jolly high five scenario, shouted, “See you tomorrow…” “Like hell,” I muttered under my breath, as I vanished out of the door and raced to the Car park. Needless to say, I never returned. I did have one more stomach churning phone call to make the ..."

"...Car her service the ambos provide is what’s known as baby capsule hire. A baby capsule is the first Car seat a child has, up to about the age of six months (or nine kilograms). Hiring one can be very cost effective and they have fully trained staff available to fit ..."

"...Car in the Car you are not safe. Imagine having the radio turned up high after singing along with Bohemian Rhapsody, when an advert comes on about erectile dysfunction, and how you can overcome it by using a nasal spray. Highly amusing – yet extremely uncomfortable when you have inquisitive ..."

Chapter 12: Driving Me Crazy!
"... any bunny-hopping hesitation. Flashing your headlights at other drivers no longer indicates the other Car to go first at T-junctions, etc. It actually means that you are warning oncoming traffic that they are about to approach a police speed checkpoint. I’m extremely grateful for this ..."
"... up when they knew people had money in their bank accounts. True or not, the Aussies aren’t complaining, so why should we? - How to Park a Car – Aussie Style! - Free parking is available in Australia, barring airports and hospitals. Unlike Essex where I was horrified to discover that I ..."
"...Car park bays are spacious and you no longer have to squeeze carefully out of your Car to avoid banging into the Car next to you with your door. The child parking bays are ridiculously oversized and you feel unworthy of using them unless you have a minimum of three children, ..."
"...Car rule that must be obeyed, which is totally different from England, is that you can only park your Car on the road the way the traffic is flowing. So you can no longer eagerly hop across to the other side of the road when you spy a space. You must ..."
"... you become more open, accept the new ways and read the Highway Code, driving in Australia is no longer petrifying, but a pleasure - Buying a Car in Oz - Cars in Australia seem to hold their value a lot more than in the UK. You also see cars that you haven’t seen since the 70s ..."
"... duty and CTP. CTP is the absolute minimum insurance requirement and most Car owners have separate insurance cover as well. Insurance companies are pretty much the same as in the UK and you can still choose from ‘third party fire and theft’ and ‘fully comprehensive’. - Stamp Duty ..."
"... comprehensive’. - Stamp Duty on Vehicles - Stamp duty varies considerably on vehicles; it has to be paid on all Car purchases and it is tiered anywhere from 1% to 6.5% depending on the individual state and the value of the car. - Transferring Your No Claims Discount - When ..."
"...Car we applied for Car insurance in Queensland, we fully expected to have to show them proof of our no-claims history, by way of a letter from our previous insurers. It made no odds to our new insurers, who let it be known to us that our insurance could be ..."
"... driving history that we hadn’t disclosed, in the event of a claim. Check online to see what regulations the Car insurance companies use in your state, so you can either be baffled or armed with the appropriate paper work. - Quick Transport Translations - ..."

"... and “I’m so over it” when you have had enough of something. Children are mainly encouraged to “hop” (into the Car or up to the table). Of course I do not mean they are forced to jump about on one leg. Most of these phrases are great and I am pleased to fall in with them. ..."

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Can I use my UK no claims bonus on a car in Australia?

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