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What does 'Pet Shipping Company' mean?

Find out what Pet Shipping Company means. Pet Shipping Company is explained by Vicky Gray - author of Didgeridoos & Didgeridon'ts

Pet Shipping Company

Pet Shipping Companies offer an easy and stress-free solution to taking your pets with you to Australia. The companies can organise everything from leaving your home, quarantine permits and documentation and flights.

They can also advise you on the immunisations and vaccinations required for pets and the time-frame needed to have these procedures done.

Full details on Pet Shipping can be found in Chapter 3.

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Chapter 3: Pets on Planes
"...Shippingrranged for a pet Shipping company to take charge of the Shipping of our beloved cats. As it had been quite late notice for the company, I had to hang on to them until the day we were moving out, so I had made it very clear to my sister ..."
"... up next to her brother, who was looking at her in utter disgust… and then off they went to the Great Southern Land. - Choosing a Pet Shipping Company - Your first impression may be that it is rather a performance to take your animals overseas, especially when you have so many ..."
"... disheartened. As Australia is free of many animal-related diseases found around the world, AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) stick to strict guidelines. So when you are looking to ship over your furry friends, check that the Shipping company can organise: flights, ..."
"...Shippingals entering Australia must have an import permit prior to shipment and have a microchip which is compatible with Avid, Destron, Trovan or any other ISO compatible reader. Your Shipping company will have a list of approved veterinary surgeons in your local area, so you can hold their paw whilst ..."
"... does not guarantee a space. Your Shipping company should have made that arrangement separately, as the quarantine stations get extremely booked up at certain times of the year, so if they haven’t pre-booked a bed, there might just be no room at the inn. - Arrivals - Once their ..."
"...Shipping AQIS do not allow you to visit your precious pets on the day of their arrival, you can visit and interact with them during their stay. Visiting hours vary, so check with your station. All animals must complete a 30-day quarantine stay and facilities are located in Sydney, Melbourne ..."
"...Shippinge also the vet fees for having the vaccinations, microchipping, spraying/worming and a Health Certificate needs to be obtained. Also, always allow for other minor fees that may crop up, such as collection of your pet to the Shipping company’s headquarters and the boxes of tissues you’ll get through when ..."

Chapter 6: Home to Roost
"...Shippingof a chap by the name of Robert Torrens who came to Australia in the early colonial days. Around the year 1858 he thought up a brilliant idea for simplifying the complex legal process of selling houses. He based his system on the method of registering ownership of ships according ..."

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Pet Shipping Company

"A superb guide to everything a Pom needs to know about this huge island! They may look the same, speak..."

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