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What household items can I bring to Australia?


Bringing over everything but the kitchen sink seems like a great idea to start, but soon becomes daunting when your international removal man is in your home and quoting you the prices on ‘containers and half containers’.

Something to bear in mind is that all of your household goods will be subject to Customs Inspections and Clearance.
One item in particular that is guaranteed to cause a ruckus is your refrigerator or any air conditioning units you may be thinking of bringing over. This is because of the restrictions surrounding such items due to the Ozone Protection and Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989.

Any units which are charged with a CFC (R12) are prohibited in Australia due to this Act. So check with your removalist company before you ship to make sure you aren’t wasting your money (or container space)
There are many other items which will be burnt at the stake if you consider bringing them near the shores of Oz, the most popular being Christmas decorations. I know it’s hard but even though you may love that old pine cone wreath that you helped make at your son’s school – once it lands in Australia it’ll be history... so be ruthless and chuck it – or do what I did and hide everything sentimental in a box and put it in your parents loft!

More details and information on bringing your household goods is in Chapter 2.

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Chapter 2: One Small Step
"... a worse impression if I had tried! With a blushing, slightly sweaty face and a mouth that felt like I had swallowed a leather upper, I apologetically started to shove the last few items into the van, unconvincingly reassuring them “We won’t be long”. A few crashes and quick slamming ..."
"... - We decided against bringing over many electrical items such as televisions as they really don’t travel well, especially the delicate plasma types. Besides, they are becoming more affordable than ever now. Even the one we bought when we arrived has come down significantly in price. We ..."
"...have since found out that you can easily change your UK plugs over to Aussie ones for a mere $3 at Bunnings Warehouse (like B&Q). This is quite easy to do and will save you battling with adapters. It often becomes awkward if you need to plug in two items in the same double plug socket as the adapters are cumbersome and it is difficult to squeeze another plug (even a slightly smaller Australian one) next to it. It’s not the end of the world, but bothersome so worth mentioning. ..."
"...What follows here, are some of the items that you must declare on arrival. In many cases, items you declare will be returned to you after inspection. Some may be allowed in if accompanied by an import permit – issued by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) prior to arrival, or with treatment in Australia to make ..."
"... Material - - bare rooted plants - plant cuttings - bulbs or stems - souvenirs made of straw - wooden articles and carvings - items that include bark - bamboo, cane or rattan basket ware - mats, bags or anything else made - from plant material - dried flowers and ..."
"... from plant material - dried flowers and arrangements - pot pourri and coconut shells and definitely no Christmas decorations like wreaths, dried holly, conifer items or blown eggs (I know of many families who have had theirs confiscated). - Other Goods - Craft and hobby lines made from ..."
"... to declare if you are carrying any food, plant material or animal products. On arrival your baggage may be x-rayed or checked by a dog detector team, so if you fail to declare any items you could be in big trouble. You could be fined $220 on the spot; or in extreme cases prosecuted and ..."
"... if you fail to declare any items you could be in big trouble. You could be fined $220 on the spot; or in extreme cases prosecuted and fined more than $60,000 and risk 10 years in jail if you haven’t declared certain items. But you will not be penalised if goods are declared, so just to ..."
"... bag. One last point, if you have any of those items listed and you really can’t bear to be parted from them, you can always apply for a special permit. The quarantine officials may be able to offer some type of treatment to make it safe, for example fumigation or irradiation. ..."

"...which is when you wish to purchase an item, but you do not wish to pay for it on that day. Simply do your shopping, then instead of taking it to the checkout, make your way to the lay-by counter, where a helpful staff member will put your chosen items away for you through a back door (where they go then, no-one knows). Then they will arrange some type of fortnightly payment for you. You may think this is a bit of a palaver, but as the kids break up for their Christmas holidays so early, and for so ..."
"... a half-wit. Once, when we had first arrived and we were shopping for bedroom furniture, we had just picked out the items we needed when the shop assistant floored us with a question: “So now you have all your beds on order, do you want to look at Manchester?” She asked me again ..."
"... - In Australia there is no such thing as VAT! There is however, GST… GST (Goods and Services Tax) is levied on the supply of goods, services and other items at the rate of 10% on items sold or consumed in Australia. It first took effect in July 2000, under the Federal Government and it ..."
"... into account on your shopping, so you need not worry about having to add it on yourself before you pay at the cash register. There are some GST exempt items, such as: - Basic food for human consumption - Certain medical aids and appliances - Other health services - Cars for use by ..."

Chapter 8: School Daze
"...bonus is given in the form of a payment voucher which you can take to the post office – along with ID – and redeem for cash. This will help pay for the start-up costs of primary and secondary school, like school and sporting uniforms, school bags and other items. ..."

"... and other therapeutic procedures performed by doctors - Some surgical procedures performed by approved dentists - Specified items under the Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Scheme - All associated treatment costs when you are treated as a public patient (registered with Medicare) in a public ..."

Chapter 12: Driving Me Crazy!
"...Once you have those two items ticked off, it’s time to get your certificate of registration (‘rego’) to be displayed on the inside of the windscreen of your vehicle and renewed annually. The cost of ‘rego’ varies from state to state; it depends on your engine size, but it includes road tax, stamp duty and ..."

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What household items can I bring to Australia?

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"Vicky Gray leaves no grey areas in this solid, practical and personal how-to book on how to emigrate to Australia...."

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