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Don't Tell Me What To Do: A Spiritual Memoir
Just kill me now, LORD! I'd rather be dead than alive, because nothing I predicted is going to happen. – Jonah 4:3


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I had the pleasure of meeting the author, Ron Alexander, more than ten years ago when I co-facilitated a Christian recovery program at an urban Philadelphia church.

At that time, Ron was a resident at a nearby shelter. Our common bonds were our intellect, the desire to live a drug-free life, and the need to be free of the demons of our past.

My own recovery process began several years ago in a twelve-step, inpatient, recovery program. While I was able to maintain sobriety in that secular setting, I felt something was missing. There was no joy in my life. There was no spiritual happiness.

I soon learned that what was missing was a connection with God. I appealed to the congregation of Greater Exodus Baptist Church to present God in a setting that addicts could readily identify with, provide guidance and support that would not only lead to recovery, but deliverance as well.

Ron, although in tremendous pain from his active addition, refused to surrender to the idea of deliverance through God.

Compounding Ron’s horrific predicament of being homeless and unemployed was the fact that anger and resentment were at the root of his problems. Anger, resentment and rebelliousness lead to Ron’s addictive lifestyle, manifesting itself as the monster within him capable of robbing and destroying him spiritually.

As you will see in Ron’s candid description and analysis of his life, it was only when he took responsibility for his life, sought emotional healing, and finally surrendered to God, that his life was restored and renewed. The experiences described by the author shows that God’s grace and mercy had never stopped working in his life. Anger blinded him.

Although there are other ways one can choose to be spiritually healed, I have found that seeking God works best. The use of recreational drugs is not only against the law, but is a sin against God as well.

Anita Gregory MSW
Greater Exodus Baptist Church
Philadelphia, Pa.

"I read the first part of your book and, let me tell you, my tears flowed. I can't wait to..."

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