mmmpreface Preface - Don't Tell Me What To Do: A Spiritual Memoir
Don't Tell Me What To Do: A Spiritual Memoir
Just kill me now, LORD! I'd rather be dead than alive, because nothing I predicted is going to happen. – Jonah 4:3


This is a preview to the Preface from the book Don't Tell Me What To Do: A Spiritual Memoir by Ron Alexander.
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I’m often asked what type of book I set out to write. The book that I ended up writing is the book I was destined to write.

Why write this book? Who would want to read about my life? I am not a movie star, politician or war hero. I’ve never walked on the moon. Neither have I walked on water. I’ve never thought that I am anything special or that I possess the good looks or a personality that distinguishes me from the next guy.

My book is about anger, resentment and rebellion. My book speaks to how anger poisoned my life, how resentment impacted my ability to love and be loved, and how rebellion hurt the people I love the most.

I hope that I have written a book reflecting my honesty and integrity. I pray that I have written a book without malice.

"I read the first part of your book and, let me tell you, my tears flowed. I can't wait to..."

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