Don't Tell Me What To Do: A Spiritual Memoir
Just kill me now, LORD! I'd rather be dead than alive, because nothing I predicted is going to happen. – Jonah 4:3

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1. Raising Hell - 1954-1956
" “I want to live my own life.” I was a mere five years old ... " - read more
2. The Night She Died - 1957-1958
" I was out of control. I was rebellious. I wanted my way. For these reasons, my mother went along with my father’s ... " - read more
3. Back Where I Belonged - 1959-1965
" I was nine years old when I arrived back in Philadelphia. My mother had moved out of Mama’s house into her own large, six bedroom ... " - read more
4. Black Panther - 1966-1969
" The volatile times of the 60's produced a new generation of black leadership and ... " - read more
5. Restoration: Philadelphia 2005
" I am moved from the emergency room to the cardiac care wing of the hospital. I remain hooked up to the catheter because I still ... " - read more
6. Expatriate - 1970-1975
" My father was probably now in New London, explaining away my demonstration as being trivial and meaningless as I drove back to Philly. My car ... " - read more
7. Desecration - 1976-1980
"“Sir, please step out the car.” I was in Connecticut, a few miles from the Massachusetts border when I was pulled over. The state trooper had pulled me over for ... " - read more
8. Interment - 1981-1986
"I was sitting at Mama's kitchen table savoring dodging a bullet. I hadn’t been arrested for stealing another car, but I had been disgraced and kicked out of school. Sitting ... " - read more
9. Resurrection: Philadelphia - 1995-2002
"I tried to look normal and smile easily, but my physical appearance was anything but normal. Mama sat across from me adjusting her glasses. We were having coffee. “How you ... " - read more
10. Epilogue: Philadelphia 2005
"The train ride back to Philadelphia after leaving treatment is taking too long. I have $200 in my pocket. I want to get high. At ... " - read more

"I felt as if I was walking into the hospital room with you. It's amazing how our lives lead us..."

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