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"I've spent decades working with students who struggle to do well in college. Despite their often low self-image, they are smart. What they haven't learned is how to be school smart. And despite all the yipping and yapping (sorry, given the cover of this book, an irresistible pun) about how on line learning is going to be a panacea for precisely this struggling student body, the research I've read suggests that this class of students will struggle just as much with on line learning as they do in a brick and mortar classroom. Precisely the problems that plague them in the classroom, plague them on line--difficulty managing time and staying motivated, along with confusion about what's essential to get done now and what really can wait and the greatest fear of them all, What if I look dumb in public?

Well Dr. Liz Hardy to the rescue! Her book is a wise and witty explanation of what to do in order to make sure that readers don't just sign up for an online course but actually finish it as well.

I personally have been fiddling around thinking about taking an on line course with Coursera,but was nervous in precisely the way she describes:"When you've never used them, the online forums or discussion boards can seem intimidating. They're an invitation to look stupid in public, surely." Once I read her book, though, I just signed up and thought, I can figure it out. I'd call that a testimonial to her smart, albeit somewhat pricey, little book. If you are thinking of taking an on line course or have a kid that is thinking about signing up, get this book. It's worth every penny.

"This is a practical e-book, with some down to earth advice. The mini action plans in each chapter do help you to get moving on your e-learning problems pretty much straight away. They were my favourite part of the e-book. Useful stuff, and not too long!"

"I've recently enrolled in an e-learning course and have found the whole process fairly intimidating. This e-book has really helped me to find my feet and understand just what's expected of a student in the online setting. It's also answered some of the questions I didn't know how to ask - especially around e-learning technology and how to fit in time to study. I'll be recommending this to a couple of friends who are about to enrol, too."


"This is a practical e-book, with some down to earth advice. The mini action plans in each chapter do help..."

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