Elearning 101
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1. Who’s afraid of technology?
Putting learning technology in its place • How to get over your fear of learning technology • What to take out of this lesson
2. Too Busy to Study?
Is e-learning actually faster than traditional learning? • How to find time to study when you’re already busy • What to take out of this lesson
3. How to study when you don’t feel like it
Why is self-motivation so important in e-learning? • How to become more self-motivated • What to take out of this lesson
4. Can’t it wait ’til tomorrow?
Why is it so easy to procrastinate with e-learning? • How to conquer procrastination • What to take out of this lesson
5. When deadlines attack
How to deal with any deadline • What to take out of this lesson
6. Is there anyone out there?
Finding your own support network • How to avoid e-learning isolation • A word of warning • What to take out of this lesson

"I've spent decades working with students who struggle to do well in college. Despite their often low self-image, they are..."

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