Fly Away Home
A memoir about the ups and downs in life and the back and forth travels of a multicultural family.

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"I finished this book in one day, and that night went to bed dreaming of the Norwegian countryside (a place I have never been, I might add). The author paints such vivid pictures, not only of her surroundings, but also of the details of a life that you cannot help but want to read more about. Not only are the characters easy to relate to, but so are the stories of years gone by and the struggles and triumphs that life tends to throw at us. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to escape into someone else's life for a while! I could not put it down. "

"Fly Away Home is an intriguing title to an amazing journey bringing into question, where is home? Is it where one is born, raised, where one has lived in between or simply where one hangs one's hat?

This book is a self-reflective memoir of a triumphant journey from childhood through adulthood to a fulfilled present. The author, Maggie Myklebust, invites the reader into her home, her life, past and present, and does so very comfortably. She embarks on her life journey with an honest portrayal of the people who affected her life while she has lived in 2 continents. She delves into her ancestry with warmth and love and describes the bumpy road of her life experiences starting in the Jersey coast of America and ending up in Norway with some stops on the way in Houston, Texas and the Netherlands.

Maggie's life begins in the Jersey shore with the backdrop of a cultural generation and an age where children want what they can't have. She is committed to getting what she wants and following her dreams, which she is not quite aware of at such a young age. She meets her soul mate at a very young age while on a trip to Norway. However, she returns to America and continues a teen age life there with her family. Her life takes her from her parents' home to a chaotic first marriage to a young boy not at all compatible to her. They start a family and her roller coaster ride begins. As the author confides her secrets and thoughts, the reader joins her in her roller coaster ride of life.

Life throws her some curves as well as opportunities which, as difficult as they may seem, she is willing to explore. She embraces these opportunities, combating fear and doubt. The author does not ignore life's tests but plunges into them due to her strong convictions and love of life, family, friends , faith and nature. There are also many philosophical undertones in this story "If Tony was my fate, Harry is my destiny."

In the midst of her personal life experiences, the author interjects historical happenings of the time placing the reader in the reality of that time. " On the heels of the Watergate scandal and an array of illegal, secret activities, Nixon was resigning, and so it seemed I wasn't the only one who had a bad day. "

This book skillfully utilizes similes and metaphors in creating a writing style that is both descriptive and often picturesque. The words depicting the scenery and view of the different countries she lived in, paint a clear picture of her surroundings and her appreciation of those surroundings. This is an inspiring memoir of finding true love and building a life based on mutual love and respect. Maggie overcame obstacles to improve herself, her family, and her life.

Maggie used the greatest human power of free choice to let go, explore,learn,grow,love and to give back. I found this book to be very readable and enjoyable. It is a must read for those who want to be inspired by the power of love, motivation, dedication and the pursuit of happiness.

Fly Away Home is a must read for an easy, quick paced memoir that will prove to be quite moving to the reader.

"Maggie Myklebust's book, Fly Away Home, reads like a fairy tale. There are no giants or pirates or six handed men but there is love, adventure, confusion, hope, disappointment, challenge, sorrow, contentment and finally joy. All the elements of a good story. It is a real page turner. "

"Very touching life story that comes full circle! A great read for anyone who has lived abroad. Couldn't put the book down! "

"I am going to forego the normal summary then thoughts format on this book and combine them all together.

I found out about Fly Away Home by Maggie Myklebust through Twitter. Her daughter Michelle, whom I met online and we quickly became Internet buddies mentioned that I should read it, so I immediately agreed before I really knew what I was getting myself into (imagine that).

Maggie ended up sending me a digital copy of her book and I downloaded it and got started. It took me a little while to realize this was Maggie's memoir. I haven't read a lot of memoirs in my time, I always go for fiction, but let me tell you, Maggie's story is as close to fiction as you can be. There were times when I was reading the book that I caught myself saying, "This all really happened in her life?".

Maggie grew up in Jersey, her family came to the US from Norway. After three kids and an unhealthy marriage, Maggie packs up and heads back to her family's roots in Norway, where she reestablishes her relationship with her teenage crush and things start to look up. Maggie has two more kids and becomes a step mom and becomes a world traveler. She and her husband move back to the US for a few years, then move back to Europe. Her kids grow up and are scattered across two countries. What a life she has lived.

There were times in Maggie's book where I related and said, "Amen sister." There were times in her book where my heart broke for her and her children. But most of all, I have so much admiration and respect for Maggie. She has been through several and I mean several tough times in her life, through an abusive relationship, to health issues and she battled through. She is the epitome of never giving up. Now, Maggie says herself there were days and weeks and months she wanted to, but she still fought through and is such an inspiration. And I was so impressed with her will and courage. I knew she had family in Norway and spent time threre in her youth, but not many people can just up and leave a life and start a new one and she did it several times, in several different countries.

One of the things that I loved about this book is that Maggie went to a seminar on writing one day and came back with the idea that she would write her life story and guess what? She did and this is it. Being an (unpublished) author, I had mad respect for her for getting it all down and going with it. Everyone who dreams of being in this business knows the tireless hours that our writing haunts us and stories have to be told. I can't even imagine writing my personal stories.

Another thing I love (stick with me, there are several) is my connection in this book. As I said, I met Michelle online and throughout this book, I felt like I learned so much about her and know her better now that I know where she came from and know her family's story.

And finally, my last love point with this book is that Maggie Myklebust wrote from the heart. My biggest fear when writing my life story would be that I make people mad. I have the worst guilty conscience. If I have a feeling that I was rude to my parents or short with them, I end up calling them back, sobbing, apologizing. Not that Maggie bashed anyone in her book, but there were very honest moments about her father and her first husband and she was honest about her son's autism. These are all very tough moments to write about she did it all very respectably and heartfelt.

I think it's hard to rate nonfiction books because you can't judge someone's real life story like you can a fictional story, but let me say this, you need to read Fly Away Home. It is a wonderful account of a life and story that deserves to be told and read.

"This book is one of the greatest books I have ever read. The author is an amazing writer and goes into such detail that you can't help but relate to her story in some way. Her descriptions paint such a vivid picture for the reader it's like a movie is playing in your head. The way she tells her story reminds me of sitting around the table with my family after a big holiday dinner and just reminiscing about old times. It makes you feel like you are part of her family and have been forever. You feel so connected to her famiily that when she mentions that one of children has met a milestone in life you feel proud of them too.
On a more serious note, I give the author an immense amount of credit for opening her entire life to the world. She has been through so much, and the fact that she is letting every person in the world into every aspect of her life and letting them know all of her family's deepest secrets makes her an extremely respectible person.
I definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone, but make sure you have free time when you start reading it because you will not be able to put it down until you are finished!

"Maggie is living the American dream until it becomes a nightmare. She escapes and returns to her Norwegian roots, where she is able to live new dreams, find new life and new love. This book will welcome you into her home and takes you on a journey across three different countries."

"The open, honest and heartfelt reminiscences of a New Jersey girl faced with the challenges and delights of a multicultural family."


"Very touching life story that comes full circle! A great read for anyone who has lived abroad. Couldn't put the..."

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