Fly Away Home
A memoir about the ups and downs in life and the back and forth travels of a multicultural family.


This is a preview to the chapter THE GrEAT ESCApE from the book Fly Away Home by Maggie Myklebust.
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It was a long flight, especially as I spent most of it on the edge of my seat. What was I doing? Anxiety caused my stomach to knot, my throat to close and my heart to race all through
the night. We changed planes in Copenhagen and it took all my strength to get three young children, loaded with hand-baggage, to the next gate. The flight from Denmark to Norway only took about two hours, but seemed much longer. I couldn’t sit still and was desperate for the plane to land.
“Mommy, how much longer?” Missy asked groggily.

Reality came to the rescue, pulling me back from the edge of a dark, downward spiral. Something always seemed to bring me back, but what if someday there was nothing to save me? What then? Would I fall into that dark hole, which seemed so eager to pull me down?
“Soon,” I responded, knowing she would never leave it at that.
“How many hours?” she continued.
I could feel the plane had begun its descent and the flight attendants were busy scurrying about the cabin collecting breakfast trays. I looked down at my child who was all curled up in her seat and anxiously waiting for good news. Her long blond hair, like corn silk, was tied up in two pigtails, one pulled high above her left ear while the other hung loose below her right.
She looked up, her blue eyes squinting and asked again. “How many hours till we get there?”
“One,” I answer.
This news seemed to excite her. She sat up, tugged on her loose pigtail until it was tight again and then proceeded to wake her brother and sister. They twisted restlessly keeping their eyes shut tight until their sister’s constant nagging forced them to give up hope of sleep. They were soon nudging and arguing with one another. I could hardly blame them, it was a long and confining trip. I told them to settle down and we’d soon be landing. By then the dull prolonged hum of the airplane’s engine had transformed into a loud altering roar. The plane labored as it cut back its speed and rolled over waves of air, like a roller coaster approaching its destination.
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