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Why do I hate fried Chicken?
Who does't like fried chicken? I don't. Read an excerpt from my memoir to learn why . . . One ... ->
I cried hysterically? Why?
I turned and started running back to my house. Candy dropped out of the bag. I bent ... ->
Are you a member of the Black Panther Party?
I was an idealistic, curious kid when I joined the Black Panther Party in the late 60's. Being a Black Panther gave me the opportunity to be around people who ... ->
Why was I intimidated by the NAACP?
Linwood had served as the president of the New London chapter of the NAACP, only I didn't know that when I went to live with ... ->
Why free Huey Newton, founder of the Black Panther Party?
I joined the Black Panther Party when I was around 17 years old, not fully understanding the potential danger I was placing myself in, or ... ->
What happens after we die?
One of the greatest questions people can ask is 'what happens after we die?' According to many religious traditions, our soul lives on in an afterlife. Depending on which religion ... ->
What made you decide to write PERSONAL BAGGAGE?
I wrote Personal Baggage because I enjoy the escape that reading gives: to sit down with a book and be transported into a more exciting situation than the one in ... ->
Who was Grover Washington, Jr.?
That next day, I went to Grover’s house. For some crazy reason, I was expecting a maid to open the ... ->
Who is really my father?
I had so many aunts and uncles, so many grandparents that it was not hard to imagine that I also had two mothers and two ... ->
How did comedian, George Kirby, kick an heroin addiction?
When I met comedian, George Kirby, my only involvement with street drugs was smoking weed and taking an occasional drink. I had never been in ... ->

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Ron Alexander, authors of Don't Tell Me What To Do: A Spiritual Memoir, answer the question
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