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Why was I impressed with Butch Johnson?
Butch Johnson, the tall, lanky, cultural street guru around the neighborhood, was always preaching about the relevance of John Coltrane’s life and music. We ... ->
Why did I become involved with the 1984 Olympic Trials?
I was probably the most unlikely person to become involved with the '84 Olympics, but it happened because I signed a contract with Olympic gymnastic ... ->
My father threaten to shoot me Why?
In my case, when I tried to shoot him, it was a case of mistaken identity. But in his case, when he threaten to shoot me, ... ->
Who is Abraham Schmitt?
My material for "Hillary's Angel" is partly based on the remarkable achievements of a South African mother who was encouraged and inspired by the accomplishments of Dr Abe Schmitt. She ... ->
Your book is about gun dogs. Does this mean you support blood sports?
No. I used the setting of a farm where gun dogs are bred because I needed an environment where firearms were in “daily” use. How else could I show the ... ->
How did Ron Alexander become a Black Panther?
I was an idealistic, curious kid when I joined the Black Panther Party in the late 60's. Being a Black Panther gave me the opportunity to be around people who ... ->
How did Ron Alexander meet Grover Washington, Jr?
That next day, I went to Grover’s house. For some crazy reason, I was expecting a maid to open the door when ... ->
How did Ron Alexander find his real father?
I had so many aunts and uncles, so many grandparents that it was not hard to imagine that I also had two mothers and two fathers. When I learned that ... ->
What gives you such insight into the nursing profession?
As a child, I read and reread books about Cherry Ames and her adventures in different nursing situations. My grandmother made uniforms for my sister and me and we ... ->
Have you personally witnessed Medicare fraud, and, if so, how did you handle it?
I witnessed fraudulent areas of Medicare billing during the year in which I worked for a home health agency. That year was a great experience because I enrolled in ... ->

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