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Has becoming an author changed your life?
I wish you’d been with me as I worked on PERSONAL BAGGAGE to see dirty clothes accumulating in the laundry, dust gathering on our furniture, weeds growing in the flower ... ->
What was your purpose in including Penny's dreams as though real at first?
My purpose in including Penny's dreams as though real at first was to have the reader experience them as Penny does--only when she wakes does she realize that she was ... ->
What are your suggestions for book club discussions of PERSONAL BAGGAGE?
My suggestions for book-club discussions are: 1. Discuss ways in which the seasons of the year affect the story. 2. How does the author use humor to help readers ... ->
Does our childhood experience control how we feel about ourselves into adulthood?
When I began working as a counsellor I discovered it is invariably what we experience as a child (most of which we do not remember clearly as we grow up) ... ->
Is it a criminal offence to hit children in Australia as a discipline method?
It is still considered acceptable to hit children in Australia (although it is a criminal offence to hit an adult). In a survey carried out in a national newspaper, 93% ... ->
Are parenting styles hereditary?
In looking at the way my clients were raised, and then exploring the way their parents were raised by the previous generation, it is often apparent that parenting is hereditary. ... ->
What is the percentage of children sexually abused in Australia?
Recent statistics, according to Child Wise, a child protection organisation which focuses on the prevention of sexual abuse, one in five children is sexually abused in Australia. Of these, only ... ->
What are the most common reasons for women to seek counselling?
It is generally the distress of anxious or depressive feelings that bring a woman to counselling, searching for some relief from her pain. Often the woman is not aware ... ->
Are the Southern sayings in PERSONAL BAGGAGE original?
The southern sayings in PERSONAL BAGGAGE are not original. I learned most of them from fellow hospital workers who, when they realized how much I enjoyed them, would quote ... ->
What is prohibitionism?
Prohibitionism is a legal philosophy and political theory based on the premise that citizens will refrain from behaviors that are deemed immoral or harmful if such behaviors are decreed unlawful ... ->

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"This is quite simply a brilliant book. Gabrielle Collison has really done her research and what comes out of the ... "

for British Marathon Running Legends of the 1980s

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