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Should hospital security guards carry guns or night sticks?
Hospital security guards carried night sticks instead of guns in PERSONAL BAGGAGE because, as described in Chapter 4 of Spring, in 1991 these big men wearing official-looking uniforms with short ... ->
Is a beeper better suited to a hospital situation than a cell phone?
A beeper is better suited to a hospital situation, where the use of a cell phone may interfere with sensitive equipment. Beepers, also called pagers, are wireless, one-way communication ... ->
Why did you include the trip to Columbus, Mississippi?
I included the trip to Columbus, Mississippi because I saw this mini-vacation as the point at which Penny’s attitude toward her husband changed and as the time when she ... ->
What is the origin of modern prohibitionism?
With the advent of humanism and the age of enlightenment in the 18th century, human beings broke away from supreme religious authority and were placed in charge of their own ... ->
What is the temperance movement?
The temperance movement was one of the numerous so-called “reform movements” that flourished in the US at the beginning of the 19th century and united a broad coalition ranging from ... ->
Why did you decide to become an expat?
There are a whole variety of reasons as to why I became an expat. I think that firstly you are the sort of person who loves travelling or you are ... ->
What is the scuba diving like in the Dominican Republic?
As described in “What about your saucepans?” I learned to dive late in life, in my late 30s, in the Maldives, where the diving is amazing. Fish of all different ... ->
What is a relationship with a Dominican man like?
A relationship with a Dominican man is a challenge to put it mildly. In the majority of cases there are major differences, of background, of education, maybe religion, belief ... ->
What is it really like to be shot?
I imagined being shot to be just like you see on the films. You get shot, you fly backwards through the air, lie on the ground in appalling pain, and ... ->
What is the electricity like in the Dominican Republic?
The electricity in the Dominican Republic is one of the things which does not work very well. The standard is 110 volts with flat two pin sockets. There is sometimes ... ->

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