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How difficult is it to get an Australian visa?
This is one of my most frequently asked questions – and one I can simply answer. If you are serious about wanting to move/work or simply travel around Australia – then ... ->
What health care can I get in Australia?
The NHS equivalent in Australia is known as Medicare. You will be entitled to this if you are either an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Just like the NHS, Medicare is ... ->
Can I use my UK no claims bonus on a car in Australia?
You can transfer your no claims bonus to Australia, although all car insurance companies differ. If you have a full No Claims Discount (NCD) make sure you bring proof from ... ->
Can I bring my UK pets to Australia?
You can bring dogs and cats from the UK to Australia, provided that they meet the strict guidelines of AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) All cats and dogs entering Australia ... ->
How do I open a Bank account in Australia?
Opening a bank account in Australia is relatively straightforward. Australia’s major banks are known as the Big Four: the Commonwealth Bank of Australia; ANZ Bank; Westpac; and National Australia Bank. You should ... ->
What's it like to drive in Turkey?
Driving in Turkey is not for the faint hearted, best only tried by the foolish or the suicidal. Though much improved in recent years, roads can still be perilous with ... ->
What is a third culture kid/global nomad?
The term ‘third culture kid,’ often abbreviated as simply TCK, is used synonymously with ‘global nomad.’ The TCK term was first coined in the 1950’s by a pair of social ... ->
Why does a cross-cultural childhood matter?
A cross-cultural childhood impacts TCKs developmentally. Global nomads move back and forth from one culture to another before they have completed a very important developmental task – that of forming ... ->
What are some of the common challenges TCKs run into while making this transition?
Besides feeling different, TCKs have other common challenges when they make the double transition to college/university. It is a double transition because they are not only making an adjustment to ... ->
What are the ‘Four Pearls’ of transition?
The disconnects, misunderstandings and feelings of being fish out of water that many TCKs experience can be significantly minimized by understanding four simple truths - the four 'pearls' – four ... ->

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