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How can I help my TCK with unresolved grief?
Parents can help their children with unresolved grief which happens to be the number one reason adult TCKs show up in a therapist’s office. There are many reasons grief does ... ->
How can I help my global nomad as he makes his way through TCK Identity Development?
As they go through TCK Identity Development most global nomads will have an encounter experience when they are woken up to the fact that they are different from their domestic ... ->
How can schools help global nomads make a smooth transition to college?
Teachers, parents, school administrators can help global nomads make a smooth transition for the college experience by preparing them early on. As was mentioned in the section on TCK Identity ... ->
How can parents prepare their students for the university transition?
There are many things parents can do to prepare their children for college. Besides teaching everyday life skills before your child leaves for school, parents would be wise to lay ... ->
What kinds of things should TCKs look for in choosing a college/university?
TCKs need to choose a college or university with some special considerations. Students should be encouraged to think well in advance about the type of environment that most appeals to ... ->
What is an expat?
Expats (or expatriates) is a term used to describe those who have left their home countries to work and/or live in a different country. Many expats work abroad for professional ... ->
What if I don't want to run a business? Is this book still for me?
Before you decide to look for a 'real' job as opposed to becoming freelance or self-employed you need to take the same steps - to find your passion, assess your ... ->
Why did I write this book?
The purpose in writing this book goes back to what so many repatriating TCKs have told me, “I wish someone had told me what to expect.” When I moved back ... ->
Why should my repatriating student read this book?
It may be tempting for students who are going home for the college experience to feel that they will not need any help. They are, after all, just going "home." ... ->
Why should my student read it if he is moving to a foreign country for college?
The TCK who transitions to a new host country often experiences many of the same psycho-social/emotional challenges as TCKs who return to their home country. Once global nomads step out ... ->

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