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Why write about being a widow?
I read many books on Widowhood prior to and just after my husband died, those books for the most part did not reach me on an emotional level as I ... ->
Is your character Maureen based on a real person?
Maureen is not based on one real person, but she combines the best characteristics of my favorite nurses. Penny, with the quirky traits she and I share, meets her ... ->
Why did you choose the title PERSONAL BAGGAGE?
I chose PERSONAL BAGGAGE as my title because everyone I know has baggage, and the better I know the person, the more I realize how much it affects his/her life. ... ->
Where did you get the name, Zac, for Penny’s dog?
The name, Zac, for Penny’s dog was selected by Penny and Johnny’s grandson for his new puppy in 1991, the same year in which PERSONAL BAGGAGE begins. That year ... ->
Have you ever actually touched a snake?
I have actually touched three living snakes. One was a gopher snake like the one owned by Penny’s son in PERSONAL BAGGAGE. This snake lived in the home ... ->
Do you think a longer period with mandated counseling would reduce the US divorce rate?
A longer waiting period with mandated counseling might help if both parties wanted to work out their differences. In PERSONAL BAGGAGE, Penny and Johnny, with three children, are financially ... ->
Do you believe that the spirits of our ancestors are still hanging around us?
I believe that there are a lot of people who believe spirits of the dead are still around us and some of the believers are nurses. I have never experienced ... ->
Did you find much racial or class prejudice among the staff members with whom you worked?
I did encounter racial and class, and all kinds of prejudice in the hospitals’ workers, but no more so than there is in the general population. Caregivers want to ... ->
Did you have a weatherman as a patient?
I did not have a weatherman as a patient, but for years I have watched one particular weatherman endure terrible storms in our country because the National Weather Service sends ... ->
Do you think that having a living will on the chart hastens a patient’s death?
No, I think that having a living will on a patient’s chart is important because very sick or seriously injured people are not always able to think about what they ... ->

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