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Why did you give weather such an important role in your novel?
I gave weather an important role in my novel because it greatly affects my life. I spend a lot of time outside in spring and fall. In summer, ... ->
What was Project C?
Project C was the designation given to the campaign to desegregate Birmingham, Alabama in the Spring of 1963. The “C” stood for confrontation and indicates that the protest organizers were ... ->
What was the Children’s Crusade in Birmingham, 1963?
The Children’s Crusade was the name that the press gave to a series of marches in downtown Birmingham, Alabama between May 2nd and 5th, 1963. The marchers were all children, ... ->
Who was Mahatma Gandhi?
Mahatma Gandhi was the popular title given to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who became the leader of the Indian independence movement in British ruled India. Gandhi utilized non-violent resistance as an ... ->
What was Black Power?
The phrase Black Power was a slogan that came to typify a movement among Black Americans in the 960’s and ’70’s that championed racial pride and separation. The phrase was ... ->
What was Martin Luther King’s involvement in the Birmingham campaign?
In late 1962 Birmingham Baptist minister and civil rights campaigner Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth invited Dr Martin Luther King, Jr to come to Birmingham and join him in major campaign ... ->
Do hospitals provide coffee for their nurses?
Some hospitals do provide coffee for nurses, and for the entire hospital staff. In times of crisis, we served coffee to our patients' visitors, as Penny did on p.154 ... ->
Is this book a diary or a journal?
Actually, The Wind Chimes of Life is both a diary and journal. It started out as a personal diary because I included personal experiences, feelings and thoughts. It is also ... ->
What does a wind chime and life have in common?
In The Wind Chimes of Life, the wind chime is used as an analogy of life. As you read in the book's Foreword both wind chime and life requires a ... ->
Is fear of e-learning technology common?
E-learning technology can be intimidating. Many adult learners feel fear about this aspect of e-learning. Not everyone grew up with iPhones, Facebook, and Twitter. But e-learning technology is almost always simpler ... ->

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