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What's a Learning Management System?
A Learning Management System is simply a tool that helps you to learn. It houses your course materials, and all the information you'll need to learn online. A Learning Management System ... ->
Is e-learning faster than traditional learning?
E-learning is flexible learning, so in some ways it is faster than traditional learning. For example, you can choose when and where you study. You don’t have to physically get ... ->
How to find time to study?
Time management for students is often a big challenge. In e-learning, you have to find time to study. Start by working out how much time each of your units requires. ... ->
How to stop procrastinating?
Procrastination can seriously threaten your e-learning progress. In an online environment, you can procrastinate without even noticing you’re doing it. There are two reasons for this: You’re already online, so the ... ->
Does e-learning have deadlines?
E-learning courses often have deadlines for submitting assessment. Many people dread deadlines and find them daunting. But deadlines don't have to be a source or worry and stress. In fact, ... ->
Is e-learning lonely?
E-learning can be lonely if you're not prepared for the lack of face-to-face contact. The secret is to set up your own support network. This is not as hard as ... ->
Why I tried to commit suicide?
The decision to commit suicide is not always contemplated. Sometimes it's just done without hesitation, which is what I attempted to do when ... ->
Why I enjoyed smoking crack?
Smoking crack anesthetized my thinking and feeling, yet gave me an exhilarating feeling of light headiness that I describe as being 'better than sex' ... ->
How did Ada Mama die?
I was young, much to young at six years old to understand death and how my great grandmother died in a room that we shared as ... ->
Why was I arrested by a state trooper?
Sir, please step out the car.” I was in Connecticut, a few miles from the Massachusetts border when I was pulled ... ->

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