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Book Preview Premium Account for Authors

Exposure is key when it comes to selling more copies but in a highly competitive world how can you get your book in front of more potential readers?

The answer is a Book Preview Premium Account website. A comprehensive system for promoting your title online that uses the content of your book to work on multiple levels by:

  • creating search engine friendly material attracting more of the right visitors
  • giving readers a look inside your book in exactly the same way that they can do so in a real bookshop

Since 1st March 2013 Book Preview has sent
visitors to author websites

Book Preview Premium Account website features include:

  • Your own domain name -
  • Hosting on one of our secure servers and unlimited bandwidth*
  • The opportunity to engage your readers through answering questions about you and your work
  • A way to demonstrate your expertise in the field you write through a glossary section
  • A section to display testimonials and other reviews
  • The option to embed your YouYube book video trailer
  • Inclusion in the Book Preview catalogue
  • A link to your own website if you have one
  • Links to your Facebook page and Twitter feed
  • Promotion of the Amazon page where your book is for sale or any other website you choose
  • Earning commission on Amazon sales of your book generated from your website
  • Website stats via Google Analytics
  • An Admin Panel where you can edit your content 24/7/365

The Book Preview Premium Account is a highly comprehensive system that doesn't require you to blog, write articles or create any new material. After all, you've done the hard work by writing a book. Now let that content sell itself.

Get started now for $9.99 per month

* many hosting providers limit your bandwidth which means if you receive too many visitors in any one month your website literally shuts down, damaging your reputation and affecting your sales.

Published, Self-Published or Unpublished

Your book does not have to be traditionally published or self-published on Amazon. The main rule is that it must be offered for sale somewhere on the internet (and this can include being given as a gift when someone joins a paid membership site).

If you would like assistance in setting up a website where you can sell your book directly see our Book Website Design for Authors page for more details.

Book Preview Fully Explained

Because there is so much you can do with Book Preview we have set up a separate website to explain all the features and how you can use them to your benefit. Visit to find out more or register now and get started.

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