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A Beautiful Glittering Lie
J D R Hawkins

In the spring of 1861, a country once united is fractured by war. Half of America chooses to fight for the Confederate cause; the other, for unification. In north Alabama, the majority favors remaining in the Union, but when the state secedes, many come to her defense. Such is the ... ->

Back Channel The Kennedy Years
William Bertram MacFarland

This is the first book of a remarkable memoir of a Special Assistant to President John F. Kennedy. Known familiarly as Bertie Mac, he reported directly to the President and his office was in the West Wing of the White House. Prior to achieving that position, he had been betrayed ... ->

Blades of Shadow
Lauren Auty

Silver's world is torn apart with the murder of her father. On the run for her life she finds that survival is more than just avoiding danger, she has to fight back. In a dark world filled with dark people with even darker motives Silver must decide who to trust ... ->

CIA Fall Guy
Phyllis Zimbler Miller

1997: A woman is called to CIA headquarters to identify someone from 25 years earlier when she lived in Germany. When what she is told doesn’t add up, she fears she may become a fall guy for the CIA and sets off on her own to discover what is ... ->

Confessions of a Teenage Hermaphrodite
Lianne Simon

Jamie was born with a testis, an ovary, and a pixie face. He can be a boy after minor surgery and a few years on testosterone. That’s what his parents always say, but he sees an elfin princess in the mirror. To become the man his parents expect, Jamie must ... ->

Deadly Pleasures
Mary Firmin

Megan Riley has bigger things to worry about than the fact that her neighbor has just been found dead. Her engagement has just ended, and she is once again on a quest to find Mr. Right—or at least Mr. Right Now. Tired of emotional ties and ready for a new ... ->

Don't Tell Me What To Do: A Spiritual Memoir
Ron Alexander

Ron Alexander has written a masterfully scripted memoir for those who are lost, depressed, or may believe life holds no meaning. Alexander's memoir chronicles his life from 1954 to 2005 where he experienced firsthand social changes that shaped our country's future. From pre and post segregation, the political and social ... ->

Fly Away Home
Maggie Myklebust

Clean freak’ Maggie tries so hard to keep her life in order but is foiled at every turn. The descendent of second generation Norwegian immigrants to America, she grows up in New Jersey, spending her summer vacations on an idyllic island in Norway. Later, in the wake of an abusive ... ->

Tim Hawken

“You look very confused when I say I’m just trying to help these lost souls make their way to Heaven,” he said. “The reason you’re confused is that you think I’m speaking metaphorically. Well, my dear friend, take it very literally. You see, I may have introduced myself as Asmodeus, ... ->

Hillary's Angel
Lynn Sly

As Hillary discovers, no matter who we talk to, how many people we consult or how many books we read, there's never any guarantee that the choices we make are the right ones. The best she can do is to follow her own heart, and ultimately she finds what's right ... ->

I Am Satan
Tim Hawken

"My torment is that she is trapped while he is free. It is the worst torture imaginable. I care not for myself, or my own wellbeing, only hers. I will free her, but I do not know how. There must be a way." Michael has been banished to Hell by the ... ->

Jew in Jail
Gary Goldstein

Once a prominent journalist in NYC, I fell from grace into a world of addiction, which systematically destroyed my life, inevitably leading to a drug motivated robbery. Jew in Jail, which I wrote while serving my sentence, is the true story of the nearly six years I spent incarcerated in ... ->

Making the Most of Google Adwords
Tim Hill

Important Note for August 2013: This book is completely up to date and contains details on how to use Google's Keyword Planner and Display Planner features. Books written before August 2013 talk about Google's Keyword Tool which has now been removed from the Google Adwords System. This is a no nonsense, ... ->

Alexandria Infante

Sometimes…the past… doesn’t stay in the past… Taking an English Lit Professorship at a prestigious East Coast college seemed like a good idea to California native Alexandria Escalantè. The position came through a good friend, and was the ideal escape from her drug using abusive ex-boyfriend, and a family who believes ... ->

Murder Over the Border
Richard Steinitz

MURDER OVER THE BORDER is a mystery set in the context of the Middle East Peace Process. The hero, Yossi Abulafia, is an Israeli policeman on army reserve duty near the Jordanian border. Instead of watching the border, he is taking photographs of antelope when the observation post he is ... ->

Margaret McMillion

When Penny Pewitt decides to take on a second nursing job at a large hospital, she hopes to secure extra income for her family. Instead, she discovers exploding changes in health care and resulting illegal practices that endanger not only patients, but also anyone threatening to expose the system. ... ->

Room 1515
Bill Wetterman

International Thriller. A female agent named Peacock is sent on a mission to woo and win the heart of the world’s most powerful powerbroker. Her job is to learn his secrets and foil his plans. Instead, she falls in love. A story of the balance of world financial power, betrayal, ... ->

Secret of the Big Easy
Robin Murphy

Dr. Marie Bartek struggles to gain control over the new psychic abilities she encounters while attending a veterinarian conference in the French Quarter of New Orleans. These recent visions prompt her to work with local police and members of the Sullivan’s Island Paranormal Society (SIPS) team to help solve ... ->

The Adorable Bastard
Eric Lamet

Nothing could have prepared Stanley Blackwood Wilder for the events that would erupt on this day, a day when he had foreseen only peace and quiet, a day he thought he could spend on his schooner with his wife. Born to wealth, Stan is talented, intelligent, attractive. A week-end visit to ... ->

The Black Casket Legacy Darkest Frost
B HughesMillman

Every small town has its secrets. In Eastbend, their secrets can kill them. On a hidden trail, in a deteriorating shed, five misfit kids uncover the darkest secret of all. A small black box, buried in the earth, holds something deep and dangerous within its sleek walls. They soon realize ... ->

The Love Songs Murders
Kelly Marshall

Seattle homicide detectives Nick Winston and Pat Strom dig working together. Their lively banter gets them through the daily dark side of their business. After all, dead bodies dominate their workload. He's straight, she's gay. In politically liberal Seattle, that's not a problem until ... they both find the same woman ... ->

The Sample Book
Sample Author

The page you are looking at right now is a sample website demonstrating the capabilites of a Book Preview Basic Account Website Template. This gives authors a professional and comprehensive internet presence for their book, it can be set up in less than 60 minutes and it costs less ... ->

The Weeping Empress
Sadie S Forsythe

Chiyo Alglaeca was happy in her life. That is, until it was all taken away. Forced into notoriety, stalked by a mysterious cult, hunted by the emperor, and facing betrayal at every turn she clings to the only safety she can find: two enigmatic men and the sharp bringer of ... ->

Three and Out
John C Payne

A major catastrophe occurs when the main character and his wife arrive in San Antonio which sets up the major theme for this book. After getting back on his feet after falling off the deep end the main character is appointed administrator of a mental ... ->

Through Angels Eyes
Steve Theunissen

Alabama, 1963 – a world is about to explode … Angel Dunbar’s life is about to be engulfed by the flames. She’ll be humiliated, spat upon, beaten and left for dead. And she’ll fall in love – with a dangerous twist. Want to know what ... ->

Two Little Dicky Birds
Neal James

On Saturday 8th April 1975, in a fit of rage, Paul Townley took the life of his father, Harold. The significance of that single event was to affect the rest of his life, as he resolved to make it his mission to rid society of the kind of person that ... ->

What about your saucepans
Lindsay de Feliz

Lindsay de Feliz walked away from an enviable lifestyle – marriage, successful career, expensive holidays, designer clothes, fast cars – to pursue her dream of being a scuba diving instructor. She could not have predicted the journey ahead when she arrived in the heat, sunshine and vibrant culture of the ... ->

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