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Book Preview can work for you in two ways:

  • as a comprehensive system for promoting titles online and so helping you increase the sales of your portfolio
  • as a way to quickly identify the best new talent without having to hope it's you they send the manuscript to

Promoting Your Current Portfolio

Every publisher needs to concentrate on ways to promote their various titles, it pays the bills. Book Preview is one of the most effective ways to do this online via the search engine friendly websites it creates for each and every title.

If you are a publisher with a portfolio of more than ten titles then contact us at for Premium Account discounts.

Finding New and/or Unpublished Talent

Once your application as a Publisher has been accepted by Book Preview you will be able to search the databases for books which the authors have signalled are 'unpublished'

You can also filter for 'Published or self-published with republishing rights available'.

The search gives you an instant link to the Book Preview website for that title so you can see inside the preview areas of the book and decide if the author and their writing style would match your profile.

Please Note: - our process to confirm that you are a legitimate publisher is extremely thorough as we are determined to keep 'preditors' out of the system. Please do not take offence to this!

If you are interested in applying to Book Preview please fill out the contact page at

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What Authors Say

" The team at Book Preview are a great help. I'm just getting started with this online system. I am excited about the possibilities here. "

Kelly Marshall
The Love Songs Murders