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Spain The Expat Survival Guide


Yolanda Solo

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Spain The Expat Survival Guide

Spain continues to rank as the popular expat destination with hundreds of thousands of us living or owning property here and thousands more pursuing the Spanish dream each year.

Yet, despite huge numbers choosing to relocate here, only a handful of expats are really successful in the long term. The rest give up on their dreams and retreat back home... poorer, disillusioned and defeated.

These ex-expats found out the hard way that moving to Spain, buying property or even buying a car here can become a bureaucratic nightmare filled with struggle, frustration and unforseen costs.

The good news is you can avoid the problems that catch most expats out by learning from someone who's already experienced them first-hand.

This book is not meant as a tourist guide of where to visit, how to get there etc. There is a wealth of information available on those subjects as well as the mechanics of buying a property. What is missing, is the vital information of the day to day realities of living in Spain and dealing with the Spanish way of life. If you remove those rose tinted spectacles, you will be better prepared and the transition to resident expat or property owner will be a much smoother path!

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