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The Adorable Bastard


Eric Lamet

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The Adorable Bastard

Nothing could have prepared Stanley Blackwood Wilder for the events that would erupt on this day, a day when he had foreseen only peace and quiet, a day he thought he could spend on his schooner with his wife.

Born to wealth, Stan is talented, intelligent, attractive. A week-end visit to Miami Beach turns the local into a permanent resident. He meets the love of his life, starts a business and in the short span of four years loses the woman he loves and begins his roller coaster existence of women, love affairs, mental breakdowns, great highs followed by lows, happy moments and tragic events.

The reappearance of the love of his life creates more turmoil than happiness eventually causing the breakup of his marriage.

Life has become meaningless. He resigns from his own business and begins squandering the fortune he has made from it. Life is an adventure and in the end the house that Stan had built collapses around him.

His attempt at a few bisexual encounters affects his mental state already much deteriorated by his lifestyle. His physical condition forces him to find refuge in bed. His health worsens, his fortune is gone and he returns to be with his parents in the home where he was born on Philadelphia’s Main Line.

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