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Through Angels Eyes


Steve Theunissen

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Through Angels Eyes

Alabama, 1963 – a world is about to explode …

Angel Dunbar’s life is about to be engulfed by the flames.

She’ll be humiliated, spat upon, beaten and left for dead.

And she’ll fall in love – with a dangerous twist.

Want to know what really happened when Birmingham exploded?

Then you’ve just got to live it … Through Angel’s Eyes.

50 years ago the scourge of racism was stifling the development of millions of children in America. In 1963, a core group of these courageous young people stood up and said, “Enough!” The story of these child marchers imparts vital lessons that the 21st century child desperately needs to learn from - courage, resistance to peer pressure, empathy, non-violence and conviction.

Through Angel’s Eyes brings the story of the 1963 Alabama child marches to life through the eyes of Angel Dunbar - and in Angel we finally have a role model for our times!

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