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World War D


Jeffrey Dhywood

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World War D

“World War-D” revolves around the simple but fundamental question:
“Are organized societies capable and willing to manage and control psychoactive substances, instead of leaving it to organized crime?” Jeffrey Dhywood obviously thinks they are, and explains why and how.

“World War-D” clearly demonstrates that prohibition is the worst possible form of control. The so-called “controlled substances” are effectively controlled by the underworld at a staggering and ever-growing human, social, economic, and geopolitical cost to the world.

“World War-D” lays out a concrete, pragmatic, and realistic roadmap to global re-legalization under a multi-tiered “legalize, tax, control, prevent, treat, and educate” regime with practical and efficient mechanisms to manage and minimize societal costs. Far from giving up, controlled legalization would mean being realistic instead of being in denial; being in control instead of leaving control to the underworld. It would abolish the current regime of socialization and inflation of costs and privatization of profits to criminal enterprises, depriving them of their main source of income and making our world a much safer place.

“World War-D” is the most articulate and comprehensive indictment of prohibitionism and the War on Drugs, with a realistic and pragmatic pathway out of it. No matter where you stand on drug prohibition, you will get a much clearer understanding of the issue in all of its multi-faceted complexity and with a global perspective.

“World War-D” is a must-read for anyone wanting to make sense out of the War on Drug fiasco and all the issues revolving around substance abuse; for anyone looking for honest and open analysis, for realistic and sustainable ways out of this conundrum. The book will prove invaluable to policy-makers, activists and concerned citizens alike. Anybody willing to look at the issue with an open mind will be able to take a far more informed position.

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