Going Local in Gran Canaria
How to Turn a Holiday Destination
into a Home

A Roof Over Your Head

This is a preview to the chapter A Roof Over Your Head from the book Going Local in Gran Canaria by Matthew Hirtes.
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To buy or not to buy? It’s a question mulled over by property-seekers no matter where they’re searching. With the European economy still unstable, you’d think there’d be bargains to be had on Gran Canaria. And you’d be right – to an extent. While prices have gone down, properties which were for sale pre-bust remain for sale. Either the seller has enough money to wait until what they consider
a fair offer is matched or the seller can’t afford to let their property go at a lower price.

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"A few years ago an American travel writer admitted that he hadn't even been to the country (Colombia) that he'd..."

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