Going Local in Gran Canaria
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Prepare to be initially underwhelmed by this north-coast town. We certainly were on our first visit. I’d just enrolled on the auxiliaries de conversacion project, a programme which employed native English-language speakers to assist primary-school teachers, and planned on taking a sneak peek at where I’d be working. A particularly windy day didn’t lift my spirits much but instead elevated the abundant rubbish on the rundown streets.

Fast forward three years and we’re seriously considering relocating there. Five years and we’re celebrating our eldest son’s first communion at its El Puertillo restaurant. Well, what happened? Bañaderos has certainly tarted itself up somewhat. We’d also yet to discover what has become
one of our favourite beaches, El Puertillo. Nor had we found the Plaza de San Pedro, the town’s main square, another of Bañaderos’ hidden gems.

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