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Going Local in Gran Canaria
How to Turn a Holiday Destination
into a Home


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Research, research research – that’s what I do whenever I visit any new place. I buy the relevant books or spend hours at my computer, ploughing through useless stuff, until I unearth a few helpful nuggets of information. I did copious amounts of research when Joe and I moved to Spain, stayed in America and Australia, and when we worked in the Middle East. How much easier it would have been if I’d had a guide like Matthew Hirtes’s Going Local in my hands!

Going Local in Gran Canaria is not merely a guide, it’s a comprehensive insider’s take, warts and all. It begins with a very thorough overview covering just about every subject: history, culture, food and drink, transport, climate, economy and much more. There is a fascinating section entitled ‘A Roof over your Head’, in which Matthew discusses the options for those who may be considering relocating to Gran Canaria. To buy or not to buy? That is the question. And Matthew’s advice is sound. He even
provides links to recommended estate agents and lawyers, and explains what you will need to be granted a mortgage. And he doesn’t stop there. Education, retirement, leisure activities and numerous other subjects are all dealt with frankly. Even nature lovers like me are catered for with
suggestions of places we might wish to visit and what we may expect to see there.

Matthew has lived on Gran Canaria for eight years and draws on his wealth of knowledge to describe a host of towns and villages, discussing what each has to offer by way of beaches, accommodation, nightlife, fiestas and attractions. The descriptions are always lively and amusing. For instance, he comments that Arinaga beach is “windier than a baked-bean eater’s constitution”. This is what I enjoyed so much about Going Local – Matthew Hirtes’s brutal honesty. If a place is unappealing, or the sun rarely shines in a certain spot, he’ll say so. He’s not afraid to voice his own opinions, which results in colourful reading.

I think I’ve visited every one of the Canary Islands except Gran Canaria. I now feel an irresistible urge to book a flight, with Matthew’s Going Local clutched in my hot little hand, to discover the delights of Gran Canaria for myself.

Victoria Twead, author of:
Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools,
Two Old Fools – Olé!
Mouth-Watering Spanish Recipes.

"Whatever you want "Going Local In Gran Canaria" has just what you need. Whether you're staying for a weekend, a..."

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