Going Local in Gran Canaria
How to Turn a Holiday Destination
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When we first moved to Gran Canaria, I was a house husband looking after our lovely boy Alex who had been diagnosed with leukaemia as a baby. His doctor over here advised while he couldn’t go to nursery with other children; he’d recommend the beach. Now my mother-in-law’s got a seaside apartment in Las Palmas, but seeing as I’m somewhat LP-phobic, I ventured out of the capital at every available opportunity. Which explains how we we found ourselves at Gáldar bus station waiting for a connection to what remains my favourite little bit of shoreline, Sardina del Norte. It’s a bus station we’ve revisited many times since. And not only to return to Sardina, but to take time out in Gran Canaria’s most perfect square, the laurel-shaded Plaza de Santiago.

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