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The first time I chanced upon Moya was on a stretch-your- legs stop-off on a tour of the island with the Pequeño Valiente charity who help families with children suffering from cancer. My wife Cristina is the president. I didn’t think much of it but repeating the trip with my parents I coerced them into getting out there for my daily caffeine fix of a cortado largo, an espresso cut with a spurt of milk. We left soon after with my folks remarking that you literally shouldn’t go out of your way to visit Moya.

Moya actually looks more attractive approaching than when you arrive. Travelling on the GC-700 from lowly Guía, check out the stunning vista of the ravine-hugging Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria. It’s also a great base to explore the surrounding area which includes a 1.8km footpath through Los Tilos de Moya, one of the last surviving laurel-tree forests on the island.

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"The Canary Islands are somewhat an esoteric destination. Spanish, but not Spain. European but off Africa and sometimes chavy (when..."

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