Going Local in Gran Canaria
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Although their location would suggest otherwise, the Canaries are part of Spain. And therefore a member of the European Union. Usual travel regulations apply. You’ll only be allowed entry if you’re in possession of a valid passport or identity card – the latter an official Spanish form of identification which enables Iberian residents to travel without a passport. Nationals of some specified countries will also require a visa – particularly if a long-term stay is planned. If you’re at all uncertain, it's worth contacting your travel agency or the Embassy/Consulate of Spain where you live – before embarking upon your journey.

You’ll be able to pick up a scheduled flight from and to any other Canary Island plus numerous airports on the Peninsula itself. Most major European cities also run charter flights to Gran Canaria (formerly Gando) airport. Bear in mind, however, the airport code is LPA (short for Las Palmas).

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"The Canary Islands are somewhat an esoteric destination. Spanish, but not Spain. European but off Africa and sometimes chavy (when..."

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