A journey through the bowels of Hell
with The Devil as your guide.


This is a preview to the chapter Eighteen from the book Hellbound by Tim Hawken.
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I LAY ON THE CARPET in Satan’s building, holding on to the vision I’d just witnessed. I savored every moment, every detail of Charlotte and my proposal to her. I replayed it again and again in my mind, twirling the wedding ring on my finger.

“I’m in heaven,” I said out loud.

“Actually, you’re still in Hell for now,” The Devil boomed as the elevator doors opened and he strode into the room, “at least for a few more hours yet.” He smiled holding his arms open, like he was welcoming a dear friend.

“I’m in love!” I said, laughing as I got up and walked towards him.

“With Oba?” The devil asked.

“Who?” I replied, puzzled.
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