A journey through the bowels of Hell
with The Devil as your guide.


This is a preview to the chapter Four from the book Hellbound by Tim Hawken.
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I AWOKE ON THE GROUND in a huge glass room, at the feet of a smiling man dressed in black. It only took a moment for me to remember where I was.
“I hope that wasn’t too painful.” The Devil sighed as he helped me to my feet. “It’s much easier for me to show you things rather than try to explain them.”
“You mean that was real?” I asked. “That happened? That was really me?”
“It was.” He frowned. “Unfortunately, that was just a small sample of what it feels like to experience the haunting of guilt you will receive in Hell. The first day you’ll simply remember your life. You will have visions of the biggest turning points in your existence. Some of these will be your darkest sins. Some may be of your greatest redemptions, if you’re lucky. After the first six visions you will know who you were in life, and therefore who you are right now. Every day after today, the visions will become the most hideous moments of culpability you could ever imagine. The Guilt: it’s every terrible moment of your life visited upon you at once; every disappointed voice whispering in your ear; every victim of your sins eating at your soul. For some, it’s completely unbearable. It’s a horrible tool to use, but it is my most powerful in reforming the filth that inhabit this place.”
“You don’t sound like you enjoy having this kingdom of yours just as it is,” I snapped, unsure how to react. I still felt the lingering sense of pain at what I’d just relived, but the feeling was fading quickly.
“Oh, come now,” The Devil retorted. “Of course I enjoy it. This is my home, I rule here! If I sound bitter, it’s because I didn’t choose to live here. I was exiled to Hell by God against my will. I’m forced to do this, to cleanse these souls. If some didn’t pass over to Heaven, then Hell would very quickly become choked with God’s rotting souls of filth. Hell is not eternal like Heaven, we are finite. We cannot hold a constant migration of sinners to our shores. I cannot stand by or laze about, watching wave upon wave of souls come screaming into my home and do nothing. Then Hell would be eternal damnation for all!” Satan glossed over his outburst with a laugh. “At least it keeps me out of trouble. No rest for the wicked, ha ha!” He elbowed me in the ribs like it was the best joke in the world.
I became uneasy. I was in Hell and I was with The Devil. I’d just witnessed myself murder another man. It was my time for punishment. I accepted that it was deserved. I’d destroyed a life with my own hands.
“So,” The Devil interrupted my thoughts again. “Is that really why you think you’re here? For killing that other man who willingly stepped into a fight with you?” he laughed.
“Of course!” I spluttered. “Isn’t that the greatest sin? Murder.”
“Actually, it’s not,” he said and turned his back to me, walking away to the elevator where we’d entered the room.
“Wait a second!” I shouted, running after him. “I have murdered someone! Surely, this is why I’m in Hell. What is my punishment? Is that not why I am here?” I repeated.
Satan pushed the button for the elevator and turned to me.
“You have already punished yourself for that, Michael. It is a sin to kill, yes, but it’s only a sin to kill without remorse, without a sense of responsibility. You are here to confront your sins, not suffer for them. Haven’t you listened to me at all? All you need to do to get a ticket to Heaven is to face your sins, accept your responsibility for them, repent and promise never to do it again. But, if you so much as think about sinning again, you’ll come plummeting back down to Hell with all the other lost souls, like a heroin addict relapsing into a cycle of fear and self loathing that could destroy your soul forever. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen to you though, eh?”
Bing! Satan’s sentence was punctuated by the elevator doors opening. I stepped inside without even thinking. The doors closed as he moved in next to me.
“It’s time to see the rest of Hell, Michael. It’s time to confront your life. We’re going to see all the nasty things you’ve done and hopefully some of your saving graces, if you had any. At the end of this, your first day in Hell, you’ll be able to make the choice of whether you should be here or not.”
“It can’t be that simple,” I said, more of a thought than anything.
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