A journey through the bowels of Hell
with The Devil as your guide.

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1. One
" The beginning ... " - read more
2. Two
" MY MOUTH HUNG AGAPE as I looked out at the world of Hell. The Devil laughed and slapped me on the back like an old friend. He walked over to ... " - read more
3. Three
" Sweat beaded lightly on my bare chest. I was only just getting started with this bum. Dancing around him on my ... " - read more
4. Four
" I AWOKE ON THE GROUND in a huge glass room, at the feet of a smiling man dressed in black. It only took a moment for me to remember where ... " - read more
5. Five
" BING. The doors opened out into a huge foyer. Smokey grey floors extended up into walls. It looked like the building was made out of one massive piece of ... " - read more
6. Six
" THE HEAT HIT ME LIKE A SOLID WALL. It crushed me from all around and burned my throat with each breath, sending ripples of pain though my ... " - read more
7. Seven
" I sat unmoving on a stool in front of the twinkling machine, my hand perched on the 20-lines button. Every couple of seconds, I put a small amount of ... " - read more
8. Eight
" MY EYES FLUTTERED OPEN to see Satan smiling at me, holding out a beer. “Here you are, Michael. Sloth finally got back to us with those drinks.” ... " - read more
9. Nine
" THE LIMOUSINE SLOWED TO A HALT at a ticket gate. A swinging billboard hung above us. It read in blood-script letters, ‘The Pit’. I looked out the ... " - read more
10. Ten
" I SAT UNDER THE GLARE OF THE SPOTLIGHT like a stunned deer, the halogen globes blinding me. I could barely hear the roar of the crowd over my ticking ... " - read more
11. Eleven
" Covering my head from the view of the crowd, I crouched in my corner and pulled a small bag of cocaine out of my shorts’ pocket. I placed it beneath ... " - read more
12. Twelve
" SHAKING MY HEAD FREE OF THE VISION, I climbed to my knees. I looked up to see Balthazar still writhing on the ground. Apparently the more evil you ... " - read more
" “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?”, I shouted at Satan as we tumbled back into his car. “What do you mean?” he asked innocently. ... " - read more
" WE WALKED THROUGH THE DOORS of the biggest brothel I could have ever imagined: Magdalene’s Mansion. The building must have been over ... " - read more
15. Fifteen
" The plane rumbled around us through jolting turbulence. The seatbelt light flashed on. The beautiful girl next to me grabbed my arm for ... " - read more
16. Sixteen
" I BLINKED. I was looking into green eyes with soft lips pressed against mine. I jumped back. “What? Charlotte?” But I was looking at the ... " - read more
" The cold sand crinkled beneath my toes as we walked along the beach, Charlotte’s petite hand clasped in mine. Brilliant stars twinkled in the ... " - read more
" I LAY ON THE CARPET in Satan’s building, holding on to the vision I’d just witnessed. I savored every moment, every detail of Charlotte and my ... " - read more
" Screams. All I could hear were the screams of Charlotte. They were not defiant, but defeated wails of suffering. It was as if hope had been torn from her ... " - read more


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Satan's Demise

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"I started reading this via Authonomy where Tim is a member and was sharing early looks at the book. Watching..."

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